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Process Dynamics, Modeling, and Control

Babatunde Ogunnaike and W. Harmon Ray

02 February 1995

ISBN: 9780195091199

1,280 pages

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Topics in Chemical Engineering

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A very current and comprehensive textbook for the standard undergraduate chemical engineering course in process dynamics and control. Unique topics include a unified approach to model representations, process control formulation and process identification, multivariate control, statistical quality control, and model based control.

  • Extensive examples
  • Reflects solid fundamentals and industrial practice
  • Required mathematical tools self-contained in appendices

About the Author(s)

Babatunde Ogunnaike, Research Associate, DuPont, and Adjunct Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Delaware, and W. Harmon Ray, Steenbock Professor of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin

Table of Contents

    Part I: Introduction
    1:Introductory Concepts of Process Control
    2:Introduction to Control System Implementation
    Part II: Process Dynamics
    3:Basic Elements of Dynamic Analysis
    4:The Process Control
    5:Dynamic Behavior of Linear Low Order-Systems
    6:Dynamic Behaviour of Linear Higher Order-Systems
    7:Inverse-Response Systems
    8:Time-Delay Systems
    9:Frequency-Response Analysis
    10:Nonlinear Systems
    Part III: Process Modeling and Identification
    12:Theoretical Process Modeling
    13:Process Identification: Empirical Process Modeling
    Part IV: Process Control
    Part IVa: Single Loop Control
    14:Feedback Control Systems
    15:Conventional Feedback Controller Design
    16:Design of More Complex Control Structures
    17:Controller Design for Processes with Difficult Dynamics
    18:Controller Design for Nonlinear Systems
    19:Model-Based Control
    Part IVb: Multivariable Process Control
    20:Introduction to Multivariable Systems
    21:Interaction Analysis and Multiple Single Loop Design
    22:Design of Multivariable Controllers
    Part IVc: Computer Process Control
    23:Introduction to Sampled-Data Systems
    24:Tools of Discrete-Time Systems Analysis
    25:Dynamic Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems
    26:Design of Digital Controllers
    Part V: Special Control Topics
    27:Model Predictive Control
    28:Statistic Process Control
    29:Selected Topics in Advanced Process Control
    30:Process Control System Synthesis - Some Case Studies
    Part VI: Appendices

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