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Principles of Computer Hardware

Fourth Edition

Alan Clements

09 February 2006

ISBN: 9780199273133

672 pages

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The understanding of fundamental computer components and systems lies at the heart of those enabling computer technologies that pervade our lives. Principles of Computer Hardware explores the fundamentals of computer structure, architecture, and programming that underpin the array of computerized technologies around which our lives are built.

  • Revised structure leads the student through the heart of the subject in a more progressive manner, to help them master the subject more easily
  • Enriched pedagogy, including boxes, additional examples, and two colour artwork, makes learning more stimulating, enjoyable, and effective
  • Exploits the 68K processor as a powerful and elegant teaching and learning tool, placing educational value at the book's core

New to this edition

  • New two colour text design enlivens the book's presentation to fully engage students, and enhance the educational value of the illustrations presented
  • New online resource centre featuring figures from the book available to download, and a downloadable solutions manual
  • New boxes throughout, to augment the content of the main text, and relate key concepts to familiar contexts, such as the PC
  • Advanced topics from chapter 12 integrated throughout the book, offering deeper insights into key topics
  • Revised structure, featuring four new chapters (5, 8, 9, 11): The Instruction Set Architecture; Peripherals for computers; ARM and RISC now split across two new chapters: Accelerating Performance; Processor Architectures.
  • New coverage within existing chapters includes: History of computing in Chapter 1; Error detecting codes and data compressing codes in Chapter 4; The Bus in Chapter 10; A summary of the latest optical memory technology in Chapter 9.

About the Author(s)

Alan Clements, University of Teesside

Table of Contents

    1: Introduction to computer hardware
    2:Gates, Circuits, and Combinational Logic
    3:Sequential logic
    4:Computer arithmetic
    5:The Instruction Set Architecture
    6:Assembly language programming
    7:Structure of the CPU
    8:Accelerating Performance
    9:Processor Architectures
    10:Buses and Input/Output Mechanisms
    11:Peripherals for Computers
    12:Computer memory
    13:The CPU, memory and the operating system
    14:Computer communications


"The fourth edition of this classic textbook continues to encompass the range of topics that comprise a typical introductory university level course in computer hardware. As with the previous edition the author writes with great clarity, and conveys both his expertise and enthusiasm for the subject. This is a great choice for adoption in an introductory hardware course in computer science and related disciplines." - ITNow, 2006