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Politics: A Very Short Introduction

Kenneth Minogue

February 2000

ISBN: 9780192853882

128 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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In this provocative but balanced essay, Kenneth Minogue discusses the development of politics from the ancient world to the twentieth century. He prompts us to consider why political systems evolve, how politics offers both power and order in our society, whether democracy is always a good thing, and what future politics may have in the twenty-first century.

  • Ideal for anyone interested in politics who wants an introduction to the theoretical background of politics
  • Minogue has a lively, clear style of writing

About the Author(s)

Kenneth Minogue, formerly Professor, Political Science, London School of Economics and Political Science


This is a fascinating book which sketches, in a very short space, one view of the nature of politics the reader is challenged, provoked and stimulated by Minogue's trenchant views. - Ian Davies, Talking Politics

a dazzling but unpretentious display of great scholarship and humane reflection. - Neil O'Sullivan, University of Hull

Professor Minogue's slim volume is an admirably light and sensible guide to political practitioners and students who want to learn more about the theoretical and historical context of today's controversies. - Sir Philip Goodhart

Kenneth Minogue is a very lively stylist who does not distort difficult ideas. - Maurice Cranston

Minogue is an admirable choice for showing us the nuts and bolts of the subject. - Nicholas Lezard, Guardian

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