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Origins of the French Revolution

Third Edition

William Doyle

May 1999

ISBN: 9780198731740

256 pages

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This revised and updated edition of the standard introduction to the origins of the greatest of all revolutions incorporates and critically appraises the results of a new generation of research and interpretation. It thus remains the essential starting point for study of the subject.

  • Standard introduction to the origins of the French Revolution now completely updated
  • Includes a lucid and accessible survey of the wide range of studies and their often conflicting theories

About the Author(s)

William Doyle, Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Table of Contents

    Part I: Writings on Revolutionary Origins since 1939
    1:The Classic Interpretation
    Part II: The Breakdown of the Old Regime
    4:The Financial Crisis
    5:The System of Government
    7:Public Opinion
    8:Reform and its Failure 1787-88
    Part III: The Struggle for Power
    9:The Nobility
    10:The Bourgeoisie
    11:The Election Campaign September 1788- to May 1789
    12:The Economic Crisis
    13:The Estates-General, May and June 1789
    14:The People of Paris
    15:The Peasantry
    16:Conclusion: The New Regime and its Principles
    Abbreviations, Notes, Further Reading, Index of Authors Cited, General Index

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