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Organometallics and Catalysis: An Introduction

Manfred Bochmann

December 2014

ISBN: 9780199668212

432 pages

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Price: £47.99

The only text to cover main group and transition metal organometallics and catalysis in a way that hits the mark for a student audience.



A succinct review of the essential concepts of organometallic chemistry, enriched throughout with examples that demonstrate how our understanding of organometallic chemistry has led to new applications in research and industry - not least in relation to catalysis.

  • Strikes the right balance between breadth and depth to give a overview of the subject that is pitched perfectly for an audience of advanced undergraduate, Masters and PhD students
  • Written by an experienced educator, researcher and author to provide a uniformly authoritative yet easy-to-digest resource
  • The coverage is guided by the requirements of typical university teaching courses, without excessive detail. Topical applications highlight the importance and consequences of fundamental material.
  • Pictures say more than a thousand words: numerous illustrations help students to visualise even the most challenging of concepts
  • Key points and questions dispersed throughout the text help to reinforce understanding and make it an effective learning tool
  • An Online Resource Centre to accompany the text provides additional teaching and learning resources

About the Author(s)

Manfred Bochmann, School of Chemistry, University of East Anglia

Manfred Bochmann is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Director of the Wolfson Materials and Catalysis Centre at the University of East Anglia where his research centres broadly around synthetic organometallic and coordination chemistry directed towards homogeneous catalysis. A former Head of the School of Chemistry, in 2003 he was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Medal for Organometallic Chemistry. Professor Bochmann is the author of two Oxford Chemistry Primers on organometallic chemistry, and is an Associate Editor of the journal Organometallics.

Table of Contents

    Part 1. Organometallic Compounds of Main Group Elements
    1.1:General and bonding considerations
    1.2:Alkali metal organometallics: lithium
    1.3:Organometallic compounds of alkaline earth metals
    1.4:Zinc, cadmium and mercury
    1.5:Organometallic compounds of the boron group
    1.6:Organometallic compounds of the carbon group
    Part 2. Organometallic Compounds of Transition Metals
    2.1:Ligand types
    2.2:Common types of organometallic complexes
    2.3:Electron counting and the 16/18-electron rule
    2.4:Ligand properties and metal-ligand bonding
    2.5:L-type *p-acceptor ligands : metal carbonyl complexes
    2.6:L-type *p-acceptor ligands: alkenes, dienes and alkynes
    2.7:LX- and L2X-type *p-acceptor ligands: allyl and enyl complexes
    2.8:L2X-type *p-acceptor ligands: metallocene complexes
    2.9:Arene complexes
    2.10:Sigma complexes
    2.11:Complexes with M-C *s-bonds
    2.12:Alkylidene complexes
    2.13:Complexes with MC triple bonds: carbynes
    Part 3. Homogeneous Catalysis with Organometallic Transition Metal Complexes
    3.1:General considerations
    3.2:Key reaction steps in homogeneous catalysis
    3.3:Catalytic H-H and H-X additions
    3.4:Catalytic carbonylations
    3.5:Alkene oxidations
    3.6:Coupling reactions
    3.7:Alkene polymerizations
    Appendix 1 Commonly used solvents and their properties
    Appendix 2 Number and symmetry of infrared-active vibrations of metal carbonyl complexes
    Appendix 3 Answers to exercises
    Appendix 4 Further reading


"Bochmann has done an excellent job. While providing broad coverage of the literature, it is organized in a fashion that will make the chemistry readily understandable to students and yet is comprehensive enough to be an excellent reference book for practitioners of organometallic chemistry. I believe this book will become the new standard text for teaching organometallic chemistry at the undergraduate and graduate levels." - Douglas W. Stephan, University of Toronto

"This comprehensive, well organised, clearly illustrated, and fully up-to-date book is essential reading for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate research students working in, or at the borders, of contemporary organometallic chemistry and catalysis." - Philip Mountford, University of Oxford

"The breadth and depth in which topics are covered is particularly impressive; the lucid writing style will allow students to understand the key concepts readily, and a series of carefully crafted exercises throughout the book provide valuable opportunities for testing this understanding. Teachers of organometallic chemistry will find this superb book to be an indispensable resource." - Richard Layfield, The University of Manchester

Additional Resources

Online Resource Centre:

The Online Resource Centre to accompany Organometallics and Catalysis: An Introduction features:

For registered adopters of the text:
- Figures from the book in electronic format

For everyone:
- Curated links to relevant video materials on YouTube

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