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Organizational Behaviour

Fourth Edition

Daniel King and Scott Lawley

August 2022

ISBN: 9780192893475

840 pages

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Price: £52.99

The best-selling textbook in organizational behaviour: critical, practical, supportive.



This is the definitive introduction to the fascinating world of people and work, featuring the flagship Junction Hotel running case study, real life examples, and practitioner insights.

  • The only organizational behaviour text to use a fully-integrated running case study (based on the fictional Junction Hotel) to demonstrate the application of organizational behaviour in the real world.
  • Highly comprehensive, critical, and rooted in reality: this book provides all the essential theories you need, with fascinating examples that bring them to life.
  • Goes further than any other organizational behaviour textbook in highlighting the diversity of those who have helped shape the discipline, including seminal theorists traditionally overlooked in textbooks.
  • Offers the greatest range of real-life cases in terms of region, size, sector, and industry, providing a diverse spread of examples for students to apply theory to practice.
  • The only organizational behaviour textbook to provide practitioner video interviews offering readers invaluable real-world insights and advice.
  • A new enhanced e-book and a range of online resources provides students with a more engaging way of understanding organizational behaviour, and provides lecturers with ready-made lecture and seminar material.

New to this edition

  • Coverage of equality, diversity, and inclusion has been significantly increased with a dedicated new chapter, as well as substantial updates throughout, reflecting the importance of EDI to people and organizations today.
  • Extensive updates include the latest advances in technology, and the impact that global issues (such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis) as well as socio-political/cultural events such as the Black Lives Matter movement, have had on the way we work.
  • Half of the real-life cases are new and have a greater global reach: read about entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa, personality testing in Argentina, and agile management in the Netherlands.
  • Nine new practitioners have been interviewed for this edition including the HR Director for the BBC, the Wellbeing lead at Aviva, and the HR Operations manager at Boohoo, providing invaluable insights into the real world of work.
  • A greater range of theorists is included in this edition, increasing the diversity of those featured throughout each chapter to better reflect the range of academics who contribute to this subject.
  • Now available as an enhanced e-book to provide a more engaging, effective, and seamless learning experience.

About the Author(s)

Daniel King, Professor of Organisation Studies, Nottingham Trent University, and Scott Lawley, Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Nottingham Trent University

Daniel King is Professor of Organization Studies at Nottingham Trent University, UK, and co-director for the People, Work and Organizational Practice research centre. Professor King's research focuses on the contribution of critical perspectives of management in the Third Sector. He has published in Academy of Management Learning and Education , Organization Research Methods, Organization Studies, Human Relations among others, and has been principle investigator on projects funded by the ESRC and the UK Government Equalities Office. Daniel reviews for several leading journals and is an editorial board member for Work Employment and Society, Organization Studies and Organization, and co-series editor of Organizations and Activism, Bristol University Press.

Scott Lawley is Associate Professor in Organization Studies at Nottingham Trent University, and leads undergraduate modules in this subject area at all levels. Dr Lawley's research covers areas of diversity and inclusion, especially in sports organisations. He has led or participated in research projects funded by Sport England and the UK Government Equalities Office, and reviews for several leading journals. He has pioneered the use of active collaborative teaching methods, including the development of online blended learning materials for BA, MBA, and Degree Apprenticeship courses. He is also co-editor of the journal Culture and Organization.

Table of Contents

    1:Introducing organizational behaviour
    Part 1: The Rational Organization
    2:Organizational structure, design, and bureaucracy
    3:Rational work design
    4:Developments in rational organization
    Part 2: The Social Organization
    5:Discovering the social organization
    6:Managing groups and teams
    7:Organizational culture
    Part 3: Managing the Individual
    8:Personality and individual differences
    9:Motivation and the meaning of work
    10:Knowledge and learning
    11:Perception and communication
    Part 4: Managing the Organization
    12:Changing the organization
    13:Equality, diversity, and inclusion
    15:Power and politics
    Part 5: The Organization and its Environment
    16:Work, emotion, and aesthetics
    18:Corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and business ethics


"This is an extraordinary textbook - theory is explained clearly, without ever compromising depth and analytic soundness; the cases are appropriate, and the wider resources really helpful. As I tell my students ever since I adopted this textbook, if you read it you will learn everything you need to learn in regards the subject matter." - Dr Jose Bento da Silva, University of Warwick

"This book takes a nuanced and reflective approach to organisational behaviour, and at the same time it is enjoyable to read and provides great support for students. I can definitely agree with their slogan "critical, practical and supportive"." - Dr Nadja Sörgärde, Lund University School of Economics and Management

"A great text book with a lot of real-life case studies; a running case study through the whole book gives the students a systematic view on how all the topics are related to each other and influence every aspect of organisational life. The videos are a good resource for students to watch after a lecture, which is useful for blended learning." - Dr Yumei Yang, Bournemouth University

"An excellent book exposing business students to real life business practices and explain with them, rather than just to them, those conceptual items that are fundamental, as well as functional, to contemporary business life." - Dr Xiao-Jian Wu, Northumbria University