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Translated by Christopher Collard

13 November 2008

ISBN: 9780199537815

320 pages

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Oxford World's Classics

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The Oresteian trilogy (Agamemnon, Libation Bearers, Eumenides) established the themes of Greek tragedy - the inexorable nature of Fate, the relationship between justice, revenge, and religion. The plays dramatize the murder of Agamemnon by his wife Clytemnestra, the revenge of her son Orestes, and his judgement by the court of Athens. This new translation seeks to preserve the plays' qualities as theatre and as literature.

  • Oresteia is the collective name given to the three plays by Aeschylus, the founder of Greek tragedy, on the story of Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, and Orestes
  • This new translation is deliberately faithful to the original in meaning and tone, reproducing the dignity of Aeschylus' verse
  • Introduction offers an appreciation of the Oresteia in the context of dramatic poetry then and now
  • Detailed notes explain mythical, historical, and cultural phenomena and trace the complex linking of ideas and language in the plays
  • The translation uses the most authoritative critical edition of the Greek text
  • Includes textual appendix and map

Table of Contents

    Libation Bearers

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