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On Christian Teaching

St Augustine
Translated with introduction and notes by R. P. H. Green

17 April 2008

ISBN: 9780199540631

208 pages

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Oxford World's Classics

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On Christian Teaching (or De Doctrina Christiana) is one of Augustine's most important works on the Christian tradition. Undertaken at the same time as the Confessions, it was written to enable students of Christianity to be their own interpreters of the Bible. In so doing Augustine provides an outline of Christian theology, a detailed discussion of ethical problems, and a fascinating early contribution to sign theory. He also makes a systematic attempt to determine what elements of classical `pagan' education are permissible for a Christian.

This long-needed, up-to-date translation gives a close but stylish representation of Augustine's thought and expression.

About the Author(s)

St Augustine

Translated with introduction and notes by R. P. H. Green, Professor of Humanity (Latin), Department of Classics, University of Glasgow

Table of Contents

    Textual note
    Explanatory notes


a great chance to see how clever Augustine was. ... (It is more than a work on Christian teaching: it is a book about teaching. Or learning, in fact.) - The Guardian G2 section, 17 July 1997