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On Being a Therapist


Sixth Edition

Jeffrey A. Kottler

03 June 2022

ISBN: 9780197604458

384 pages

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Price: £19.99


For more than thirty years, On Being a Therapist has inspired generations of mental health professionals to explore the most private and sacred aspects of their work helping others. This thoroughly revised Sixth Edition, written during the COVID-19 pandemic, continues that tradition with an increased emphasis on self-care, teletherapy, and alternative service delivery.

  • Delves into the inner world of a therapist's hopes and fears
  • Written by Jeffrey Kottler, often considered the "conscience of the profession" for his willingness to be so honest, authentic, and courageous
  • Presents real-life insight on the various aspects of being a therapist in today's society

About the Author(s)

Jeffrey A. Kottler, PhD, California State University

Jeffrey A. Kottler, PhD, is Professor Emeritus at California State University, Fullerton, and Scholar in Residence at The Alliance for Multicultural Community Services in Houston, Texas where he works on issues related to refugee resettlement. He is the author of over 100 books in the fields of counseling, psychology, social justice, and related fields.

Table of Contents

    About the Author
    1. The Therapist's Journey
    2. Struggles for Power and Influence
    3. Personal and Professional Lives
    4. On Being a Therapeutic Storyteller- and Listener
    5. How Clients Change Their Therapists
    6. Hardships of Therapeutic Practice
    7. Being Imperfect, Living with Failure
    8. Patients Who Test Our Patience
    9. Boredom and Burnout
    10. That Which Is Not Said: Myths and Secrets
    11. Lies We Tell Ourselves- and Others
    12. Self-Care Prospects and Realities: Becoming Models for Our Clients
    13. Alternative Therapies for Therapists
    14. Toward Creativity and Personal Growth
    15. On Being a Client: How to Get the Most from Therapy
    Discussion Questions
    Name Index
    Subject Index