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Nineteenth-Century Britain: A Very Short Introduction

Christopher Harvie and Colin Matthew

August 2000

ISBN: 9780192853981

192 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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First published as part of the best-selling The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain, Christopher Harvie and Colin Matthew's Very Short Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Britain is a sharp but subtle account of remarkable economic and social change and an even more remarkable political stability.

  • Most comprehensive and authoritative short guide to nineteenth-century Britain
  • Highly acclaimed text, first published in the best-selling The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain
  • Revised and updated for this edition
  • Indispensable for students and general readers

About the Author(s)

Christopher Harvie, Professor of British and Irish Studies, Universität Tübingen, and Colin Matthew, formerly Professor of Modern History, University of Oxford

Table of Contents

    1:Reflections on the revolutions
    2:Industrial development
    3:Reform and religion
    4:The wars abroad
    5:Roads to freedom
    6:Coping with reform
    7:Unless the Lord build the city
    8:The ringing grooves of change
    9:Politics and diplomacy: Palmerstons years
    11:Free trade: an industrial economy rampant
    12:A shifting population: town and country
    13:The masses and the classes: the urban worker
    14:Clerks and commerce: the lower middle class
    15:The propertied classes
    16:Pomp and circumstance
    17:A great change in manners
    18:Villa Tories: the Conservative resurgence
    19:Ireland, Scotland, Wales: Home Rule frustrated
    20:Reluctant imperialists?
    21:The fin-de-siècle reaction: new views of the State
    22:Old Liberalism, New Liberalism, Labourism, and tariff reform
    23:Edwardian years: a crisis of the State contained
    24:Your English summers done
    Further reading
    Prime ministers 1789-1914

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