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Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction

Steven Grosby

08 September 2005

ISBN: 9780192840981

160 pages

Very Short Introductions

Price: £8.99



Arguably, nationality is the most important social phenomenon in the world today. But what is the nation? Why is it so important to human beings? What is its relation to religion and commerce? Steven Grosby shows how closely linked the concept of nationalism is with being human.

  • Highly topical subject, including examples from many recent conflicts in the Balkans and the Middle East
  • Written to appeal to a students on a variety of courses, including: history, geography, anthropology, law, religion, art, and sociology
  • Examines the subject through conflicts past and present, rather than exclusively focusing on the theory
  • Explores the often tension-filled relation between nationality, religion, and identity

About the Author(s)

Steven Grosby, Professor of Religion, Clemson University, South Carolina

Table of Contents

    List of illustrations
    1:The Problem
    2:What is a Nation?
    3:The Nation as a Social Relation
    4:Motherland, Fatherland and Homeland
    5:The Nation in History
    6:Whose God is Mightier?
    7:Human Divisiveness
    Further Reading

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