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Modern Strategy

Colin Gray

October 1999

ISBN: 9780198782513

426 pages

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Modern Strategy explains how strategic reasoning makes sense of the great complexity of war on land, at sea, in the air, in space, and even 'cyberspace'. Uniquely, this book shows how strategy works in all geographical environments and with all kinds of weapons. The first comprehensive account of all aspects of modern strategy since the Cold War ended, this book will be essential reading for all students of modern strategy and security studies.

  • The first comprehensive account of all aspects of modern strategy since the Cold War ended
  • Looks at the whole spectrum of strategic activity during the twentieth century

About the Author(s)

Colin Gray, Professor of International Politics and Director of the Centre for Security Studies, University of Hull

Table of Contents

    Introduction: The Expanding Universe of Strategy
    The Dimensions of Strategy
    Strategy, Politics, Ethics
    Strategist's Toolkit: The Clausewitzian Legacy
    The Poverty of Modern Strategic Thought
    Strategic Culture as Context
    Windows on War
    Patterns in Strategic Experience
    The Grammar of Strategy I: Terrestrial Action
    The Grammar of Strategy II: Altitude and Electrons
    Small Wars and other Savage Violence
    Second Thoughts on Nuclear Weapons
    Nuclear Weapons in Stategic History
    Strategy Eternal


There is much that is interesting and good in this book - Richard Hatfield - Policy Director, Ministry of Defence. R U S I Journal - June 2000 -

An excellent and necessary textbook for the international relations student. THES, February 2000 -

The Book is a dazzling accomplishment. The Washington,Times March 2000 -

Modern Strategy is a major contribution to our understanding of strategic theory and practice. The Washington Times, March 2000 -

Over the years, no writer has addressed the topic of strategy more comprehensively or systematically than Colin Gray. The Washington Times, March 2000 -

Modern Strategy is his finest effort to date. The Washington Times, March 2000 -

`Gray has been writing about, professing, or "practicing" strategy for thirty years, and whether or not you agree with him, he is among the few scholars of strategy who should never be ignored.' Mark T. Clark Director, National Security Studies, California State University. Naval War College Review, Spring 2000 -

`...his thesis is worth understanding; modern strategy (indeed all) strategy is still a subject worth studying. Anyone interested in learning more about it will benefit from his work.' Mark T. Clark Director, National Security. Naval War College Review, Spring 2000 -

"The material is so rich in allusion and reference...the approach so novel, the insights often so extraordinary...there are many "brilliant pebbles" of wisdom and insight" Naval Review, April 2001 -

Covers so much ground...masterfully sets out the relationship between politics, ethics and strategy....Gray's critique is considered and he always draws what is best from the theories he rejects....a dazzlingly brilliant guide to a wide range of issues...Gray writes from the perspective of an insider in the western military establishment, but even its critics will be informed, entertained and provoked by this book." Royal Institute of International Affairs, Vol 76, October 2000 -

'This is an outstanding contribution to strategic studies, a comprehensive placing of virtually all theorists and historians of war and strategy and is hugely thought-provoking.' Morning Star -

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