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Medical Microbiology

Third Edition

Michael Ford

05 June 2019

ISBN: 9780198818144

568 pages

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Fundamentals of Biomedical Science

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Covers a range of key laboratory techniques used in the diagnosis of human diseases caused by microorganisms, with case studies throughout to highlight the clinical relevance of the techniques being described.



Medical Microbiology covers a range of key laboratory techniques used in the diagnosis of human diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. The text is written specifically for biomedical science students and uses case studies throughout to highlight the clinical relevance of the techniques being described.

  • Written from the point of view of a laboratory biomedical scientist, making it the ideal text for those studying microbiology as part of a biomedical science degree
  • Self-test and discussion questions, with self-test answers provided at the back of the book, encourage students to analyse the text and develop their problem solving skills
  • Frequent examples and case studies emphasise clinical relevance throughout the text

New to this edition

  • A new chapter on whole genome sequencing in microbiology presents student with cutting edge practice
  • An extensive revision of content on MALDI-TOF, air sampling, and food microbiology
  • New sections on congenital infections, syphilis, human papillomavirus infection and sample processing make the text an even more comprehensive resource for students
  • Extended coverage of the detection of antimicrobial resistance by molecular methods reflects the increasing use of molecular technologies to detect pathogens in clinical microbiology
  • Updated case studies, including new studies on progressive cognitive disease, high level resistance and faecal transplantation, firmly root the information presented in the context of clinical and biomedical practice

About the Author(s)

Michael Ford, Formerly of the Microbiology Department, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Dr Michael Ford has worked in Microbiology for over 30 years and was appointed Microbiology Laboratory Manager for the Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust in 2014. Michael has a wide experience in all areas of diagnostic service provision. He has recently worked very closely with Public Health England which resulted in the transfer of their Newcastle services into the Trust. A key part of this was the setting up of a new molecular diagnostic service for Newcastle. His main research area involved developing novel methods of bacterial identification, which resulted in a number of publications and two successful patents for the development of novel selective media. He has been a lecturer at Northumbria University on both the BSc and MSc Microbiology programmes. Michael has also been a key member of the IBMS Scientific Advisory Panel for Microbiology and IBMS Deputy Chief Examiner.

Table of Contents

    1:Introduction to Microbiology, Michael Ford
    2:Culture media, John Perry
    3:Identification tests, John Perry
    4:Susceptibility testing and antibiotic assay, Jenny Andrews
    5:Blood cultures, Derek Law
    6:Investigation of urine samples, Clive Graham
    7:Investigation of wound, tissue and genital samples, Steve Davies and Mark Tovey
    8:Examination of cerebrospinal fluid and fluids from sterile sites, Derek Law
    9:Investigation of respiratory samples, Louise Hill-King
    10:Investigation of gastrointestinal specimens, Michael Ford and Kathy Nye
    11:Clinical Parasitology, Tony Worthington
    12:Infection prevention and control, Sheila Morgan and Michael Ford
    13:Laboratory investigations of viral infections, Jayne Harwood
    14:Clinical mycology, Derek Law
    15:Bacterial Pathogenesis, Lynn Dover
    16:Molecular diagnostics, Michael Ford and Jayne Harwood
    17:Whole Genome Sequencing in Microbiology, Michael Ford
    18:Procedures for sample collection, transport and processing, Malcolm Holliday


"This third edition is a valuable update and just like the previous editions, I believe it will also be a useful textbook for students of Biomedical Sciences." - Sudeshna Saha, University of California San Diego Health, USA, Microbiology Society

"I am very pleased to see the new chapter on whole genome sequencing" - Dr Lewis Bingle, University of Sunderland

"[The] best text book around for undergraduate Biomedical Sciences students" - Dr Cheryl Walter, University of Hull

"[I] would certainly adopt the third [edition]... I think the inclusion of chapter on whole genome sequencing is very welcome" - Dr Christopher Ring, Middlesex University

Additional Resources

The online resources to accompany Medical Microbiology feature:
For registered adopters of the book:
· Figures from the book, available to download

For students:
· An interactive Digital Microscope, encouraging the exploration of tissue samples
· Video podcasts including interviews with practicing biomedical scientists, and 'in the lab' footage showing biomedical science in practice

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