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Media and Journalism 3e:New Approaches to Theory and Practice

Third Edition

Jason Bainbridge, Nicola Goc, and Dr Elizabeth Tynan

15 October 2015

ISBN: 9780195588019

504 pages

Price: £39.99



Media and Journalism: New Approaches to Theory and Practice (Third Edition) is a complete introduction to media and journalism, exploring the changing relationship between these areas. It introduces key concepts and theoretical approaches in media studies, as well as provides practical training to develop key journalism skills. This approach ensures that students develop both the broad knowledge base and professional skills required for future careers in journalism, public relations and communications.

  • Combined approach: links media studies and journalism to introduce students to key concepts, theories and practices that inform media as a whole and understand how different professions work in a larger context
  • Integrates theory and practice: draws on current theories of media and provides practical guidance on developing key journalism skills
  • Contemporary: Reflective of the current media environment, includes new case studies and examples exploring topical issues
  • New pedagogical features: now includes a summary of key points, and revision and reflection questions at the end of each chapter

About the Author(s)

Jason Bainbridge, Professor at Swinburne University, Nicola Goc, Senior Lecturer at University of Tasmania, and Dr Elizabeth Tynan, Senior Lecturer at James Cook University

Jason Bainbridge, Professor and Chair of Media and Communication, Department of Media and Communications, Swinburne University

Nicola Goc, Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania

Liz Tynan, Senior Lecturer, Graduate Research School, James Cook University

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Introducing Media and Journalism
    1:The Public Sphere
    2:The First Mass Medium
    3:The Rise of the Fifth Estate
    4:The New Media Environment: Digital and Social Media
    Case Study 1: World War 1, journalism as the first draft of history and the making of the ANZAC legend
    Tools 1: Print Media and Broadcast Interviews
    Part 2: Media Institutions
    5:Radio: the Tribal Drum
    6:Film: The Seventh Art
    7:Television: The Zoo
    8:Public Relations: Spin Cycle
    Case Study 2: 'If that doesn't suit you, get out': three minutes at the cross-roads of Army communication
    Tools 2: How to Conduct a Media Conference
    Part 3: Media and Analysis
    9:Media texts
    10:Audiences and Representations
    Case Study 3: Journalism, gender and the media: what misogyny looks like in the 21st century
    Tools 3: Textual Analysis and Media Research
    Part 4: Making News
    12:News Values and News Culture in a Changing World
    13:Broadcast News: Keep it Simple
    14:The Elements of Writing
    15:Subediting, News Language and Convention
    16:Specialist Reporting: Doing the Rounds
    Case Study 4: Guarding the Guards: holding democratic governments to account
    Tools 4: Writing Features
    Part 5: Frameworks and Social Context
    17:Ethics in Communication
    18:Media Practice, Industry Change and the Law
    Case Study 5: Free speech and journalism in the 21st century
    Tools 5: New Media