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Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics

Tenth Edition

Graeme Laurie, Shawn Harmon, and Gerard Porter

April 2016

ISBN: 9780198747512

800 pages

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Price: £35.99

Trusted for over 30 years for its authoritative account of medical law, provides the right balance between in-depth legal coverage and analysis of ethical issues.



This classic textbook focuses on medical law and its relationship with medical practice and modern ethics. It provides thorough coverage of all of the topics found on medical law courses, and in depth analysis of recent court decisions, encouraging students to think analytically about the subject

  • Covers the whole field of modern ethical medical practice, making the book suitable for use on all undergraduate and postgraduate medical law courses
  • Clearly sets out both sides of the argument in ethical debates, and offers the authors' own perspectives, encouraging students to explore and form their own opinions
  • Takes account of the influence of international jurisdictions, particularly in the EU, over the development of UK law

About the Author(s)

Graeme Laurie, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, University of Edinburgh, Shawn Harmon, Lecturer in Regulation and Risk, University of Edinburgh, and Gerard Porter, Lecturer in Medical Law and Ethics, University of Edinburgh

Table of Contents

    1: Medical ethics and medical practice
    2: Public health and the state-patient relationship
    3: Health rights and obligations in the European Union
    4: Consent to treatment
    5: Liability for medical injury
    6: Medical confidentiality
    7: Genetic information and the law
    8: The management of infertility and childlessness
    9: The control of fertility
    10: Civil and criminal liability in reproductive medicine
    11: Health resources and dilemmas in treatment
    12: Treatment of the aged
    13: Mental health and human rights
    14: The body as property
    15: Medical futility
    16: The diagnosis of death
    17: The donation of organs and transplantation
    18: Euthanasia and assistance in dying
    19: Biomedical human research and experimentation
    20: Research on children, fetuses and embryos


The content is excellent. It is the most accessible yet comprehensive textbook I am aware of on this subject. - BMA Medical Book Awards -

An excellent textbook: the content is clearly argued, well-referenced and interesting to read. - BMA Medical Book Awards -

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