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Theory, Evidence, Practice

Second Edition

Byron Sharp

30 November 2017

ISBN: 9780195590296

832 pages

Price: £76.00



Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice tells the story of marketing, its theories, concepts and real life applications, while providing a realistic overview of the marketing world. It demonstrates the practical application of marketing skills, illustrated by case studies and practitioner profiles, and gives students industry insight that will support them in their careers.

  • This textbook adopts an evidence-based approach to marketing. Key competitors in the market tend to focus on traditional theories and concepts, whereas this text challenges these traditional marketing assumptions and presents a newer, and more research-driven, way of understanding marketing
  • Practitioner Profiles: Written by marketing professionals, they describe their jobs, what they do and how they got there
  • Case Studies: A rich selection of case studies that will engage students in the practicalities of the profession
  • Digital resources for students include:
  • Self-revision multiple choice questions
  • Definition matching exercises to test students' understanding of key concepts
  • Marketing insights with Circus Oz, Colmar Brunton, Destination Melbourne, Porsche Australia, Steinfinger and News Australia to learn from professionals in the field
  • Q&A interviews with the author, Professor Byron Sharp, give students a unique insight into the marketing world
  • Lecturer Resources include:
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Instructor's Manual
  • Lecturer Testbank
  • Image bank

New to this edition

  • New chapter: Selling and Sales Management ?Focuses on the importance of personal selling, B2B selling, key account management, personal selling within consumer markets, call centres, sales management, the strategic role of personal selling, the impact of social media and ethics in selling
  • New chapter: Developing and Implementing a Marketing Plan ?Covers the role and benefits of marketing planning, when marketing planning occurs, the marketing planning process, key observations on marketing planning, market selection and marketing objective setting and what design brings to strategic marketing and planning
  • New chapter: Social Marketing ?Focuses on the application of social marketing, application at brand and category level, segmentation and targeting, effective social marketing campaigns and the evaluation of social marketing
  • Revised chapter: The Marketing Environment ?Focuses on the marketing environment, the micro-environment, the macro-environment and monitoring and responding to environmental change
  • Updated industry insights, case studies and major case studies throughout the textbook (including over 25 new case studies)
  • Updated and new practitioner profiles

About the Author(s)

Byron Sharp, Professor of Marketing Science, University of South Australia

Professor Byron Sharp, Director, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, University of South Australia

Table of Contents

    1. What Do Marketing Executives Do?
    2. Consumer Behaviour and Business Buyer Behaviour
    3. Meaningful Marketing Metrics
    4. Market Research
    5. The Marketing Environment
    6. Customer Segmentation and Targeting
    7. Products (Goods and Services)
    8. Physical Availability, Retailing and Shopping
    9. Pricing and Discounting
    10. Selling and Sales Management
    11. Advertising
    12. Media Decisions
    13. Developing and Implementing a Marketing Plan
    14. Global Marketing
    15. Ethics and Social Responsibility
    16. Social Marketing
    17. Social Responsibility and Ethics

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