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Marine Biology

Function, Biodiversity, Ecology

Fifth edition

Jeffrey Levinton

July 2017

ISBN: 9780190625276

592 pages

Price: £174.99

The most captivating, accessible, and comprehensive book of its kind. If you are a lecturer interested in adopting this title for your course, please contact your Oxford representative to arrange a local price.



With its clear and conversational writing style, comprehensive coverage, and sophisticated presentation, Marine Biology is regarded by many as the most authoritative marine biology text.

New to this edition

  • Three all-new chapters (Chapter 3, 'Climate Oscillations and Climate Change', Chapter 10, 'The Open Sea: Distributions and Adaptations, and Chapter 19, 'Polar Marine Biology') make this the most up-to-date marine biology book on the market
  • An online chapter on molecular tools offers an overview of how new and old molecular tools are used in a wide range of marine-biological applications
  • A full archive of 'Hot Topics', available on the companion website, includes brand-new content and previous editions' features
  • Chapter-by-chapter video guides help students visulaize complex marine systems and bring marine biology concepts to life
  • The content has been significantly updated and consolidated, resulting in a leaner, more pedagogically sound text

About the Author(s)

Jeffrey Levinton, Professor, SUNY Stony Brook

Jeffrey S. Levinton is Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University.

Table of Contents

    Part I: Principles of Oceanography and Marine Ecology
    CHAPTER 1: Sounding the Deep
    CHAPTER 2: The Oceanic Environment
    CHAPTER 3: Climate Oscillations and Climate Change
    CHAPTER 4: Ecological and Evolutionary Principles of Marine Biology
    Part II: Marine Organisms: Function and Environment
    CHAPTER 5: The Chemical and Physical Environment
    CHAPTER 6: Life in a Fluid Medium
    CHAPTER 7: Reproduction, Dispersal, and Migration
    Part III: Organisms of the Open Sea
    CHAPTER 8: Plankton
    CHAPTER 9: Marine Vertebrates and Other Nekton
    CHAPTER 10: The Open Sea: Distributions and Adaptations
    Part IV: Patterns and Processes in the Water Column
    CHAPTER 11: Processes in the Water Column
    CHAPTER 12: Productivity, Food Webs, and Global Climate Change
    Part V: Organisms of the Seabed
    CHAPTER 13: Benthic Microorganisms, Seaweeds, and Sea Grasses
    CHAPTER 14: The Diversity of Benthic Marine Invertebrates
    CHAPTER 15: Benthic Life Habits
    Part VI: Coastal Benthic Environments
    CHAPTER 16: The Tidelands: Rocky Shores, Soft-Substratum Shores, Marshes, Mangroves, Estuaries, and Oyster Reefs
    CHAPTER 17: The Shallow Coastal Subtidal: Sea Grass Beds, Rocky Reefs, Kelp Forests, and Coral Reefs
    Part VII: From the Shelf to the Deep Sea
    CHAPTER 18: Benthos from the Continental Shelf to the Deep Sea
    CHAPTER 19: Polar Marine Biology
    CHAPTER 20: Biodiversity and Conservation of the Ocean
    Part VIII: Human Impact on the Sea
    CHAPTER 21: Fisheries and Food from the Sea
    CHAPTER 22: Environmental Impacts of Industrial Activities and Human Populations


"Levinton does an excellent job in introducing fundamental concepts and then exploring them using recent scientific literature." - Tara Duffy, Northeastern University

"Marine Biology been extremely useful in bridging the gap between students that lacked expertise in the marine field and gaining valuable insights to be successful in my classes. This is one of the few texts that has allowed me a more direct pathway for teaching students that have a limited background in the subject matter." - Michael Franklin, California State University Northridge

"This text approaches the eclectic topic of marine biology as a combination of functional biology of organisms and ecology. Marine Biology, Fifth Edition, succeeds in covering the topic in a comprehensive manner, while neither oversimplifying it nor adding too many specialized details." - Gail B. Hartnett , University of of New Haven

"Marine Biology is an effective teaching and learning treatise. This wonderfully illustrated book is comprehensive, has revealing coverage of specific sub-topics (Going Deeper) and current events (Hot Topics) on the oceans that make it both attractive and useful at the same time for both the teacher and the student." - Bopi Biddanda, Grand Valley State University

"Marine Biology, Fifth Edition, is the only book right now that is suitable for majors and non-majors who want a rigorous introduction to marine biology." - Erik Scully, Towson University

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