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Legal Ethics

Second Edition

Jonathan Herring

09 March 2017

ISBN: 9780198788928

504 pages

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Price: £37.99

The most student-focused guide to legal ethics, encouraging questioning, reflection and discussion to develop a personal response to ethical issues.


Jonathan Herring provides a clear and engaging overview of legal ethics, highlighting the ethical issues surrounding professional conduct and raising interesting questions about how lawyers act and what their role entails. Key topics, such as confidentiality and fees, are covered with references throughout to the professional codes of conduct.

  • Leading textbook writer Jonathan Herring provides an engaging and thought-provoking overview of legal ethics, ensuring that students understand the key points and appreciate the debates around each topic
  • A range of viewpoints, case studies and examples enrich each chapter, bringing the subject to life and providing a rounded overview of each topic
  • 'Digging deeper' boxes provide an insight into the more theoretical issues, allowing students to enhance their understanding and consider some of the key philosophical and jurisprudential questions

New to this edition

  • A greater explanation of how each chapter builds on the previous, leads students through the interwoven topics of legal ethics
  • Thought provoking elements added to the 'digging deeper' feature, cultivating a student's ability to critically examine theories of law, to allow students to prepare for extended essays
  • Regular updates to the online resource centre, including web links, to capture new and interesting cases and debates in legal ethics

About the Author(s)

Jonathan Herring, Professor in Law at Exeter College, University of Oxford

Jonathan Herring is Professor of Law at Exeter College, University of Oxford. He is a widely published author across several disciplines, including criminal law, family law, and legal ethics.

Table of Contents

    1:Ethical theories
    2:The social context of the legal profession
    3:The regulation of the legal profession
    4:The lawyer-client relationship
    6:Conflicts of interests
    8:Negligence and lawyers
    10:Alternative dispute resolution
    11:Third parties
    12:Business ethics
    13:Lawyers' social responsibilities
    14:Gender, race, and diversity in the legal profession
    15:Applying legal theories


Review from previous edition Impressive in its ability to address difficulty concepts in simple and clear language. - Owen Warnock, University of East Anglia

Scholarly, engaging work with good range of high-quality academic sources. - Andrew Francis, Keele University

Very good textbook which covers all of the major ethical areas that a student is likely to be examined - Francine Ryan, The Open University

Interesting and easy to read. I wish that we had spent more time on ethics during my course, because this book has made me realise how important the subject is. - Student

Additional Resources

An Online Resource Centre includes: - Podcasts linked to the 'what would you do' chapter features
- Video debates
- Updates
- NEW Web links

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