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Land Law

Text, Cases, and Materials

Third Edition

Ben McFarlane, Nicholas Hopkins, and Sarah Nield

July 2015

ISBN: 9780198722847

1,256 pages

Text, Cases, and Materials

Price: £39.99

From Oxford's flagship Text, Cases, and Materials series, this book offers substantial case detail, choice extracts, and sophisticated analysis.



Land Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers a comprehensive, critical and case-focused approach to the subject, combining insightful author commentary with carefully selected extracts to fully support students.

  • Combines insightful author commentary with carefully selected extracts to provide a thought-provoking and contextualised account of the subject
  • Provides detailed discussion of key land law cases, drawing together extracts from leading judgments, responses to controversial decisions and the authors' own opinions to create a well-rounded account of the subject and support students in their analysis of the area
  • Each chapter begins with a discussion of 'central issues', providing an at-a-glance account of the key debates and principles shaping each area of law to provide valuable context for your reading
  • Includes end of chapter questions and further reading suggestions to support study of the subject and help students prepare for essays and exams
  • Accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, offering detailed updates to the law following publication, useful web links, and multiple choice questions with answers and feedback.
  • Takes a thorough, detailed and critical approach to the subject, providing a framework to support students throughout their course

New to this edition

  • A new introductory chapter on Land Registration, as well as full discussion of recent case-law and academic commentary on rectification of the register and the meaning of "mistake"
  • A fully re-written chapter on Human Rights, considering the significance of Pinnock v Manchester CC and of case-law from the European Court of Human Rights
  • Substantial revision of the chapter on family homes to keep up to date with ongoing case-law developments and academic debate
  • Discussion of the criminalization of residential squatting, and analysis of Zarb v Parry on adverse possession and registered land
  • Consideration of the decision of the Supreme Court in Scott v Southern Pacific Mortgages on 'vendor-purchaser' trusts and on priority disputes
  • Discussion of adverse possession against a leasehold title will be hosted on the Online Resource Centre

About the Author(s)

Ben McFarlane, Professor of Law, University College London, Nicholas Hopkins, Professor of Law, University of Reading, and Sarah Nield, Professor of Property Law, University of Southampton

Ben McFarlane is Professor of Law at University College London. He has published a number of articles on land law in leading journals and is the author of The Law of Proprietary Estoppel (OUP, 2014) and The Structure of Property Law.). He is also a contributing editor of Snells's Equity.

Nicholas Hopkins is a Professor of Law at the University of Reading. His research interests lie in the interaction of land with a broad range of private and public law principles, including land law, equity, unjust enrichment, social security, housing law and policy, and human rights. He has published widely in these areas, is case notes editor for the leading specialist journal in the field, and is a member of the editorial board of Modern Studies in Property Law. He has taught land law since 1993.

Sarah Nield is a Professor of Property Law at Southampton University. She has been teaching land law since 1982, having previously held posts at Hong Kong University and the University of Bristol. She has also taught conveyancing, equity and trusts and company law. She has published widely in the area of property law including two books on land law in Hong Kong, one of which was the first textbook on the Hong Kong treatment of the subject. She is also a qualified solicitor.

Table of Contents

    A. Introduction
    1: What's special about land?
    2: What is land?
    3: Registration
    B. The Content Question
    4: Human rights and land
    5: Legal estates and legal interests
    6: Equitable interests
    C. The Acquisition Question
    7: Formal methods of acquisition: contracts, deeds and registration
    8: Informal methods of acquisition: adverse possession
    9: The doctrine of anticipation: Walsh v Lonsdale
    10: Proprietary estoppel
    11: Trusts
    D. Priority and The Defences Question
    12: The priority triangle
    13: Unregistered land and priorities
    14: Registered land and priorities
    15: Evaluating the Land Registration Act 2002
    E. The Shared Home
    16: Interests in the home: the acquisition question
    17: Regulating co-ownership: the content question
    18: Co-ownership and third parties: applications for sale
    19: Co-ownership and priorities: the defences question
    20: Successive ownership
    F. Licences and Leases
    21: Licences
    22: Leases
    23: Regulating leases and protecting occupiers
    24: Leasehold covenants
    F: Neighbours and Neighbourhoods
    25: Easements
    26: Freehold covenants
    27: Flat ownership: long leases and commonhold
    G: Security Rights
    28: Security interests in land
    29: Protection of the borrower
    30: Lender's rights and remedies


Review from previous edition A great book: it allows students to reflect on different perspectives, helping to ensure that they not only know the rules, but actually understand them! - Dr. Jeremias Prassl, Associate Professor of Law, Magdalen College, University of Oxford

This is a high-quality cases and materials book, that excels in weaving together the text and the excerpts into a coherent whole. - Adam Baker, Lecturer in Property Law, University of Leeds

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