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Jonathan Edwards and Scripture

Biblical Exegesis in British North America

Edited by David P. Barshinger and Douglas A. Sweeney

10 May 2018

ISBN: 9780190249502

296 pages

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Jonathan Edwards and Scripture provides a fresh look at the important, burgeoning field of Edwards and the Bible, offering a needed corrective in Edwards research. It gives careful attention to Edwards' biblical exegesis, considers it in the context of early Anglo-American history, and compares it with that of other interpreters of Scripture.

  • Provides a significant corrective in the field of Edwards studies by highlighting the importance of the Bible in his life and thought
  • Brings together the insights of leading Edwards scholars on the burgeoning field of Edwards and the Bible
  • Engages with material from the Edwards corpus that has not yet been treated

About the Author(s)

Edited by David P. Barshinger, Editor, Crossway Books, and Douglas A. Sweeney, Distinguished Professor of Church History and the History of Christian Thought and Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Douglas A. Sweeney is Distinguished Professor of Church History and the History of Christian Thought and Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has published widely on Edwards, early modern Protestant thought, and the history of evangelicalism.

David P. Barshinger is the author of Jonathan Edwards and the Psalms (Oxford University Press, 2014). He has taught at Trinity International University, Wheaton College, and Trinity Christian College. He currently serves as an editor in the book division at Crossway.

Table of Contents

    David P. Barshinger
    1 - Jonathan Edwards' Scriptural Practices
    Kenneth P. Minkema
    2 - Jonathan Edwards' Principles of Interpreting Scripture
    Stephen R. C. Nichols
    3 - Early Modern Biblical Commentary and Jonathan Edwards
    Adriaan C. Neele
    4 - Language of the Heart: The Bible in Jonathan Edwards' Personal Life and Spiritual Practice
    Charles E. Hambrick-Stowe
    5 - Spiritual Meaning and Experimental Piety in the Exegesis of Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards
    Jan Stievermann and Ryan P. Hoselton
    6 - Jacob Wrestling with “a Man”: Jonathan Edwards and Contemporaries on Genesis 32:22-32
    Mark A. Noll
    7 - Jonathan Edwards' French Connection: The Pentateuch and the Practices of Public History
    Robert E. Brown
    8 - A Fish Tale: Jonathan Edwards and Cotton Mather on Jonah's Whale
    Ava Chamberlain
    9 - "Of His Fullness Have All We Received": Johannine Themes in Jonathan Edwards' Interpretation of Scripture
    Michael J. McClymond
    10 - Jonathan Edwards' Reflections on the Virgin Mary
    Stephen J. Stein
    11 - Jonathan Edwards, War, and the Bible
    James P. Byrd
    12 - Jonathan Edwards, the Bible, and Conversion
    David W. Kling
    13 - Was Jonathan Edwards an Evangelical? Scripture and Tradition in America's Theologian
    Gerald R. McDermott
    Douglas A. Sweeney
    General Index
    Scripture Index


"Barshinger and Sweeney have offered a fine volume for all readers of Edwards. The editors and authors have contributed greatly to long neglected areas of Edwards scholarship and have continued show how Edwards's commitment to the Reformed tradition did not limit his brilliance or creativity. The wide scope of themes and subjects demonstrate the many avenues of Edwards scholarship that have yet to be discovered." - John T. Lowe, Journal of Reformed Theology

"Jonathan Edwards & Scripture is dedicated to fostering a deeper, nuanced understanding of the meaningful biblicism undergirding Edwards's thought." - Tucker Adkins, Florida State University, The New England Quarterly

"This collection can be appreciated not only by scholars but also by educated laymen with dedicated interest in historical theology. Prose and themes are straightforward. Chapters are well organized and conclusions are often clearly identified." - Glenn A. Moots, Religious Studies Review

"Overall this is an excellent volume that will be of benefit to anyone interested in not only Jonathan Edwards but also the history of modern biblical interpretation...or even the intellectual history of the United States. The essays are all very well written and easy to read. They are informative, written by leading specialists on Edwards and Protestant biblical interpretation and church history, but are readily accessible for nonspecialists. This is a book that any intellectually interested reader would benefit from reading." - Jeffrey L. Morrow, Seton Hall Univeristy, Review of Biblical Literature

"this book...remains an interesting reflection on the life and personality of a serious and devoted biblical scholar who lived in times perhaps even more turbulent than our own." - David J. Clark, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

"This is an excellent book... a very useful book that is worth reading" - Rev E T Kirkland, English Churchman

"These essays will engender further critical engagement by scholars preoccupied by Jonathan Edwards. Furthermore, by acquainting readers with ongoing projects, like Cotton Mather's Biblia America, this study alerts readers to the value of exploring Edwards's and Mather's Atlantic World frontier. Pastors and interested lay-readership will ?nd comfort and encouragement from Edwards's traditional yet innovative interpretive work; Edwards preserved his Reformed heritage, while creatively protecting sound doctrine from sceptics' and liberals' assault upon the church." - Joseph T. Cochran, Themelios

"I am delighted to recommend this volume, which is brimming with fresh insights on Jonathan Edwards's views of the Bible. The editors have assembled a remarkable cast of scholars to grapple with the legacy of the most formidable expositor of the Christian Scriptures in America's history." - Thomas S. Kidd, Distinguished Professor of History, Baylor University