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Jacobs, White, and Ovey: The European Convention on Human Rights

Seventh Edition

Bernadette Rainey, Elizabeth Wicks, and Clare Ovey

September 2017

ISBN: 9780198767749

768 pages

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Price: £38.99

The most concise and precise account to look at each of the Convention rights and their pivotal cases



Explores the key principles underpinning the decisions made by the European Court of Human Rights, and provides a guide to the pivotal cases in each area.

  • The authors, two academics and a practitioner at the Court, have the combined experience to give accurate and insightful commentary on Strasbourg case law and procedure
  • From the overwhelming amount of Strasbourg case law, authors have selected the most essential cases to cover, resulting in an authoritative yet concise overview
  • Useful to students throughout Europe as it focuses on the European Convention, and the process and decisions of the Court, rather than the application of the Convention in any specific state
  • Maps course structure by examining each Convention right in turn, making coverage easy to find and follow

About the Author(s)

Bernadette Rainey, Senior Lecturer in Law, Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University, Elizabeth Wicks, Professor of Human Rights Law, School of Law, University of Leicester, and Clare Ovey, Head of Division at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Institutions and Procedures
    1: Context, background, and institutions
    2: Proceedings before the court
    3: Supervising the enforcement of judgments
    4: Interpreting the convention
    5: The scope of the convention
    6: Reservations and derogations
    Part 2: Convention Rights
    7: The right to an effective remedy
    8: The right to life
    9: Prohibition of ill-treatment
    10: Protection from slavery and forced labour
    11: Personal liberty and security
    12: The right to a fair trial in civil and criminal cases
    13: Aspects of the criminal process
    14: Limitations common to articles 8-11
    15: Protecting family life
    16: Protecting private life, the home, and correspondence
    17: Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion
    18: Freedom of expression
    19: Freedom of assembly and association
    20: Protection of property
    21: The right to education
    22: The right to free elections
    23: Freedom of movement
    24: Freedom from discrimination
    Part 3: Reflections
    25: Results and prospects

Additional Resources

The text is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre that features updates on cases and legislation since publication as well as links to useful websites and further reading on the European Convention.

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