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Issues and Crisis Management: Exploring Issues, Crises, Risk and Reputation

Tony Jaques

16 October 2014

ISBN: 9780195529081

352 pages

Price: £53.99



Issues and Crisis Management: Exploring Issues, Crises, Risk and Reputation is designed to focus explicitly on issue and crisis management, as well as touching upon the related fields of risk and reputation. A common theme throughout is the close relationship between all of these areas and also the integration of these disciplines within the broader context of public relations and communications, as well as within the wider requirements of management.

  • Emphasises that issue and crisis management extends beyond communication and includes impact on risk and reputation.
  • Identifies the rise of the process approach which recognises that issue and crisis management are not standalone activities but fit within a continuum of management activity.
  • Addresses the role and impact of the use of social media across all the disciplines discussed.
  • Includes mini case studies relevant to the core chapter themes. These mini case studies all focus on examples from the Asia-Pacific region and are based on research by experts in the field.
  • A fully worked example of a detailed issue management plan is included as an appendix

About the Author(s)

Tony Jaques, Managing Director, Issue Outcomes Pty Ltd

Dr Tony Jaques is a consultant specialising in issue and crisis management and lectures in postgraduate programmes at universities in Melbourne, Australia. Since working as Asia-Pacific Issue Manager for an American multinational, he has established an international reputation in the field, with speaking engagements and publications in leading academic journals, as well as book chapters in Australia, Britain and the United States. He is a former Director of the Issue Management Council in Leesburg, Virginia, and writes Australia's only specialist online issue and crisis management publication, Managing Outcomes (www.issueoutcomes.com.au).

Table of Contents

    1. Setting the framework
    2. Issue Management - Development and Tools
    3. Issue Management - Identification and Prioritisation
    4. Issue Management - Planning
    5. Issue Management - Activism
    6. Crisis Management - Readiness and response
    7. Crisis Management - Planning
    8. Crisis Management - International
    9. Crisis Management - Disasters
    10. Risk Management - Perception, Hazard and Outrage
    11. Risk Management - Reputation
    12. Leadership and the future

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