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Investigating Psychology

Key concepts, key studies, key approaches

Edited by Nicola Brace and Jovan Byford

July 2020

ISBN: 9780198869368

440 pages

Price: £44.99



Investigating Psychology uses a small selection of classic studies to introduce students to a variety of research methods used by psychologists and to the different approaches to the study of mind and behaviour: the emphasis is on how psychologists carry out their investigations and why.

  • A student-friendly introduction to the study of psychology: how psychologists go about their investigations.
  • The use of carefully-chosen studies from across the main sub-disciplines of the subject give insights into both the varying approaches adopted in different areas, and the diversity of psychology as a whole.
  • The use of studies spanning the early nineteenth century to the twenty-first century shows how the study of psychology is dynamic and ever-evolving.
  • Activities throughout encourage the reader to actively engage with the subject material, and so gain a thorough understanding of the themes and concepts presented.
  • 'Why do it this way?' boxes in each chapter invite the reader to consider the reasons why researchers used particular approaches, and the assumptions they made to better understand the research process.

About the Author(s)

Edited by Nicola Brace, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, The Open University, and Jovan Byford, Lecturer in Psychology, The Open University

Table of Contents

    Why do people do harm to others?
    1:Exposing the authoritarian personality, Jean McAvoy
    2:Just following orders?, Phil Banyard
    3:Learning from watching, John Oates
    How do others influence who we are and what we do?
    4:Changing behaviour, Frederick Toates
    5:Determined to love?, Deborah Custance
    6:Making friends, Charlotte Brownlow
    How do we investigate psychological processes that we cannot directly observe, like attention, memory or language?
    7:Language and the brain, Frederick Toates
    8:Paying attention, Helen Edgar and Graham Edgar
    9:Witnessing and remembering, Graham Pike and Nicola Brace