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Introduction to the English Legal System 2016-2017

Martin Partington

April 2016

ISBN: 9780198758808

360 pages

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Price: £24.99

The most concise, annually updated introduction by an author active in law reform gets students involved in debates from day one of their degree.



Introduction to the English Legal System is the ideal foundation for those new to the study of law. Written in a highly engaging and accessible style, Martin Partington introduces the purposes and functions of English law, the law-making process, and the machinery of justice, while also challenging assumptions and critiquing current debates.

  • Written in a clear and concise style which is accessible and easy to digest
  • Includes supportive features to help the development of critical thinking skills
  • User-friendly layout and text design makes for easy navigation
  • The book is annually updated so that users can stay abreast of the latest development in English law
  • Draws upon the author's considerable experience as a barrister, working on law reform and teaching the law
  • Perfect for pre-course reading as well as introductory and foundation courses

New to this edition

  • Key points are now included at the end of each chapter to help students consolidate their learning
  • Chapter 11 has been fully updated to look at the transformation of the English legal system
  • Discussion of the latest developments including the British Bill of Rights, the Scottish Referendum, English Votes for English Laws, reshaping the Justice system and the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015

About the Author(s)

Martin Partington, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Bristol

Martin Partington is a qualified Barrister, he is also Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol.

Table of Contents

    1: Aims, themes, and structure
    Law, Society, and Authority
    2: Law and society: the purposes and functions of law
    3: Law-making: authority and process
    The Institutional Framework
    4: Shaping the institutional framework: the role of government
    5: The criminal justice system
    6: The administrative justice system
    7: The family justice system
    8: The civil and commercial justice system
    The Delivery and Funding of Legal Services
    9: Delivering legal services: practitioners, adjudicators, and legal scholars
    10: Funding legal services
    11: The Transformation of the English legal system

Additional Resources

The Online Resource Centre accompanying this book is packed full of features encouraging students to develop their learning. Web links allow readers to further research topics of interest; questions for reflection and discussion assess understanding of what has been read in the book; multiple choice questions help to reinforce understanding; the author's blog helps readers to stay abreast of new developments; and a glossary and further reading selection are also available.

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