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Intellectual Property Law

Stavroula Karapapa and Luke McDonagh

21 May 2019

ISBN: 9780198747697

688 pages

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Price: £44.99

Unfold the problem > Reveal the law > Apply to life


Engaging and innovative, this new textbook uses legal problems to help students quickly grasp core concepts, identify relevant issues, engage with key debates, and apply their learning to real-life contexts.

  • Every chapter opens with a problem question which encourages students to engage with each topic through relevant, real-world issues and gain insight into how the law interacts with everyday life and business
  • Developed to be a focused, concise textbook but including the detail required to support students on all the key areas of an undergraduate intellectual property law course
  • Clear explanations of key concepts in intellectual property law help students to gain a thorough understanding of the subject area
  • Case summary boxes allow students to easily pick out the significant facts and details from landmark cases and understand their relevance

About the Author(s)

Stavroula Karapapa, Professor of Intellectual Property and Information Law, University of Reading, and Luke McDonagh, Senior Lecturer, The City Law School, City, University of London

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Copyright
    1:Introduction to copyright
    2:Subsistence of copyright
    3:Authorship and first ownership
    4:Infringement of copyright
    6:Moral rights
    7:Related rights
    Part 2: Passing Off
    8:Passing off
    Part 3: Trade marks
    9:Introduction to trade marks
    10:Registration of a sign
    11:Absolute grounds for refusal
    12:Relative grounds for refusal of registration
    13: Infringement and loss of registration of trade marks
    14:Defences to trade mark infringement
    Part 4: Patents
    15:Introduction to patents
    16:Ownership of patents
    18:Infringement of patents
    Part 5: Confidential Information
    19:Trade secrets
    Part 6: Designs
    Part 7: Exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights
    21:Dealings in intellectual property rights
    22:Civil and criminal remedies


"The writing is clearly informed by the latest research in the relevant fields and contains plenty of in-depth analysis. The problem questions work well and the authors have provided plenty of clues for students to solve these problems throughout the chapters. The chapters are conducive to active and interactive learning" - Dr Chen Wei Zhu, Lecturer, University of Birmingham

"The question at the beginning of each chapter and answer given at the end will be very popular among the students. They will not only use it as a tool to understand IP law but also use it as a guideline to answer the problem questions in exams" - Dr Lingling Wei, Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth University

"The scenarios at the beginning of each chapter is a great idea as it will encourage students to consider the key issues at hand. As they read the chapter they will be able to focus on the problem they have been given, taking time to consider the relevant theory. I genuinely believe that this will provide invaluable ongoing contextualisation of the topic" - Ria Hill, Lecturer in Law, University of Wolverhampton

"An innovative approach to the content and I commend the authors on these chapters. I think they are fulfilling an unmet need in this area of law. The problem based scenario helps to place the law in context and to build up applied understanding. It serves as a useful focus and consolidates the legal content" - Sallie Spilsbury, Principal Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Additional Resources

This book is accompanied by the following online resources:
-General guidance on approaching problem questions
-Suggested answers to the end of chapter questions from the book
-Updates from the authors to help students keep on top of this fast-moving subject
-Web links to the major international intellectual property organisations