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Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Creating New Value

Danny Samson and Marianne Gloet

10 December 2015

ISBN: 9780190300630

544 pages

Price: £46.99



Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides a very practical and thoroughly researched introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship. It incorporates the core theme of entrepreneurship within the fabric of innovation and is complemented by a broad range of new case studies across many different industries.

  • All chapters include leading edge practical insights via Thought leadership* boxes feature
  • Includes many case studies (short in text case examples and the last part of the book is 20 major case studies) which are extremely practical (see content for full list). Looks at startups (e.g. Kogan, KeepCup) and large organisations (BHP and CSL), and everything in between
  • Includes detailed presentation of the practices common to highly innovative organisations that distinguishes them from low innovating organisations
  • New trends are rigorously covered and illustrated in the book, including open innovation, business model innovation (illustrated by trends in Silicon Valley) and social entrepreneurship and co-creation
  • Cover aspects of innovation in processes as well in a chapter focused on supply chain innovation, which is new and unique

About the Author(s)

Danny Samson, Professor, University of Melbourne, and Marianne Gloet, Dr, University of Melbourne

Professor Danny Samson began his professional life as a chemical engineer working in a multinational company and then completed a PhD in management. He has been Professor of Management at the University of Melbourne since 1998, serving also there as Head of Department and Associate Dean. He has published over 100 research papers and a dozen books covering many aspects of management. His research covers fields from decision theory to supply chain and innovation management. He has consulted widely to executives in banking, insurance, manufacturing, construction, transport, and numerous other industries. He has served as Associated Editor for the most prestigious journal in his field, and has been a judge of numerous industry awards, having won such awards himself, as well as research best paper and teaching excellence awards in Australia, the USA and Europe. He is well known as an executive educator, having developed and conducted dozens of executive programs and keynote addresses.

Dr Marianne Gloet is a Research Fellow in the Department of Management and Marketing at Melbourne University. She holds a PhD is from Melbourne University in the field of knowledge management and innovation, and is widely published in the areas of knowledge management, human resource management, innovation and information systems. Marianne has lived and worked in Australia, Canada, the U.S., Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates, holding senior positions in both the academic and private sectors. Marianne also consults widely to a range of private and public organisations both in Australia and abroad. As President of her own startup in Canada, Marianne held dealerships for Atari and Texas Instruments computer products in North America and pioneered the manufacture of specialised computer keyboards for use by the disabled.

Table of Contents

    1:Overview: The Importance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    2:Innovation and Entrepreneurial Strategy
    3:Leadership of Innovation
    4:Managing the Innovation Portfolio and Projects
    5:Creativity and Design
    6:Supply Chain Innovation
    7:Creating a Culture of Innovation
    9:Organisational Ambidexterity and Open Innovation
    10:Frontiers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    11:Assessing and Progressing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practices
    Major Case Studies