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Information Technology Law

The Law and Society

Fourth Edition

Andrew Murray

July 2019

ISBN: 9780198804727

736 pages

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The unique socio-legal approach examines the interactions, the future challenges, and developing technologies.



Information Technology Law takes a unique socio-legal approach to examining the interaction between the law and other elements of the information society. Murray discusses relevant issues such as governance, free expression, and crime with enthusiasm, and looks forward to future challenges presented by developing technologies.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the law as it relates to the modern online environment, including governance, digital content and intellectual property, criminal activity and e-commerce in the information society, and privacy and data protection
  • Discusses the unique challenges of the information society, with reference to network neutrality, digital speech and the fake news challenge, virtual currencies including cryptocurrency , and the future challenges presented by user generated content, smart contracts and blockchain.
  • Includes regular highlight and case study boxes, which place the legal theory into context and encourage students to engage critically with the subject
  • Supported by additional online resources which include online only chapters, updates, web links, a glossary of key terms, and outline answers to the book's end of chapter questions to help students further their understanding of the main topics

New to this edition

  • New chapters looking at net neutrality; digital creatives and copyright law; consumer protection; and and the international trade in personal data.
  • Expanded coverage of copyright in the digital environment; copyright infringement in the digital environment; the legal framework for data protection; and rights and obligations at data protection law.
  • New sections on behavioural regulation; platform regulation; fake news; blockchain; smart contracts; and age verification.

About the Author(s)

Andrew Murray, Professor of Law, London School of Economics and Political Science

Andrew Murray is a Professor of Law at London School of Economics and Political Science. He is also a member of the Society of Computers and Law, the Higher Education Academy, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). He was previously an Executive Member of the British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association (BILETA) and is a visiting professor at the Computer/Law Institute, VU Amsterdam and was in Spring 2015 and Spring 2017 a visiting Professor at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po).

Table of Contents

    Part I: The Information Society
    1::The world of bits
    2::The network of networks
    3::Net neutrality
    4::Regulating the information society
    Part II: Content and the Information Society
    6::Social networking and antisocial conduct
    Part III: Digital Content and Intellectual Property Rights
    8::Intellectual property rights and the information society
    10::Digital creatives and copyright law
    11::Copyright in the digital environment
    12::Copyright infringement in the digital environment
    14::Branding, trade marks and domain names
    15::Brand identities, search engines, and secondary ma rkets
    Part IV: E-Commerce
    16::Electronic contracts
    17::Electronic payments and cryptocurrency
    18::Consumer protection
    Part V: Criminal Activity in the Information Society
    19::Computer misuse
    20::Obscenity in the information society
    21::Crime and law enforcement in the information society
    Part VI: Data Privacy
    22::Data protection: the legal framework
    23::Data protection: rights and obligations
    24::The international trade in personal data
    25::State surveillance and data retention
    Online only chapters
    26::Digital Ownership
    27::The digital public sphere
    28::Virtual environments
    29::The future for IT law


"Review from previous edition A clear, comprehensive and concise work on IT law. It explains not only the law, but also the technological backgrounds. It is well-written and easily readable." - Dr Jan Oster, Leiden University

"One of the best, if not the best, introductory texts for introductory IT and cyberlaw courses." - Kim Barker, University of Birmingham

Additional Resources

This text is supported by additional online resources:- Additional chapters on the Digital Sphere and Virtual Environments
- Audio podcasts suitable for revision
- Updates to the law post-publication
- A flashcard glossary of key terms and concepts
- Outline answers to end of chapter questions

Visit The IT Lawyer blog page and Andrew Murray's Twitter page for additional insight into IT law.