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Indian Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

Sue Hamilton

22 February 2001

ISBN: 9780192853745

176 pages

Very Short Introductions

Price: £8.99



India has a long, rich, and diverse tradition of philosophical thought, spanning some two and a half millennia and encompassing several major religious traditions. This Very Short Introduction is structured around six schools which have achieved classic status. Sue Hamilton explores how the traditions have attempted to understand the nature of reality in terms of an inner or spiritual quest, and introduces distinctively Indian concepts such as karma and rebirth.

  • There is currently a great deal of interest in understanding different ways of thinking, and much of this interest is directed to Indian worldviews
  • The book introduces distinctively Indian concepts such as karma and rebirth
  • It also shows that many of the issues on which Indian philosophy focuses are common to those of Western philosophy
  • Indian thought differs from the Western tradition in that religion and philosophy are not separate undertakings
  • Sue Hamilton is an authority on the subject, and has published widely on Buddhism thought and Indian philosophy more generally

About the Author(s)

Sue Hamilton, Formerly of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, King's College, London

Table of Contents

    1:The Brahmanical beginnings: Vedic sacrifice and the early Upanisads
    2:Beyond Brahmanism: the Buddha and other renouncers
    3:Issues and justifications: language, grammar, and the emerging of polemics
    4:Nyaya and Vaisesika
    5:Developments in Buddhist thought: Abhidharma, Madhyamaka, and Yogicara
    6:Yoga and Samkhya
    7:Grammar again, and the exegetical traditions: Bhartrhari, Mimamsa, and Vedanta
    Further reading


Indian Philosophy by Sue Hamilton, the perfect gift for anyone who wishes to sort out their karma and nirvana - The Independent Weekend Review 02/06/01

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