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Human Nutrition

Thirteenth Edition

Edited by Catherine Geissler and Hilary Powers

27 April 2017

ISBN: 9780198768029

784 pages

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The most complete review of human nutrition, ideal for those looking to pursue a career in the discipline.



The most complete review of human nutrition, ideal for those looking for a deeper grounding in the subject before pursuing a career in the discipline.

  • The most complete review of human nutrition, ideal for those looking to pursue a career in the discipline
  • Features chapters from internationally-recognized experts, ensuring consistently rigorous coverage
  • Chapters cover a broad range of disciplines, to help students develop a complete understanding of the subject

New to this edition

  • Three new chapters explore food safety, nutrition and the nervous system, and diet and epigenetics
  • A completely new and enhanced design and layout ensures information is easy to navigate
  • The new edition is heavily illustrated, incorporating a wealth of figures to reinforce key points in the text

About the Author(s)

Edited by Catherine Geissler, Emerita Professor of Human Nutrition, King's College, London, and Hilary Powers, Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and Head of Human Nutrition Unit, University of Sheffield

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Food and nutrients
    1:Food and nutrient patterns
    2:Food and nutrient structure
    Part 2: Food and nutrient structure
    3:Food safety
    4:The physiology of nutrient digestion and absorption
    5:Body size and composition
    6:Energy balance and body weight regulation
    7:Carbohydrate metabolism
    8:Fat metabolism
    9:Protein metabolism and requirements
    10: Alcohol metabolism: implications for nutrition and health
    Part 3: Micronutrient function
    11:Water-soluble vitamins
    12:Fat-soluble vitamins
    13: Minerals and trace elements
    Part 4: Dietary requirements for specific groups
    14:Infancy, childhood and adolescence
    15:Prepregnancy, pregnancy and lactation
    16:Ageing and older people
    17:Vegetarian diets
    18:Dietary considerations for sport and exercise
    Part 5: Clinical nutrition
    19:Cardiovascular disease
    21:Diabetes mellitus
    23:Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
    24: Nutrition and the nervous system
    25: Nutrition and the skeleton
    26:Dental disease
    27:Immune function, food allergies and food intolerance
    28:Eating Disorders
    29:Deficiency diseases
    30:Diet and epigenetics
    Part 6: Public health nutrition
    31:The science of epidemiology
    32:Nutritional assessment methods
    33:Food supply, factors affecting production, trade and access
    34:Food and nutrition policies and interventions


An essential introduction to the science of nutrition from all angles. Key points throughout provide a very nice aid to navigating and summarising information. Extensive reference lists are also very helpful. Having links to websites in addition to published literature and textbooks is a rare and welcome feature! - Alexey Morgunov, PhD student, University of Cambridge

A really complete textbook; as a biochemistry student, I really enjoy that this book covers a lot of (the) metabolic processes that play a part in nutrition and even covers (the) histological and physiological aspects of nutrition. An excellent choice for an introduction to nutritional science. - Amador Romero Franco, student, University of Seville, Spain

If I were to pick a phrase to describe my first impressions, it would be that the book contains a "river of insights". The book does not hand-hold the reader, tackling some complex topics with the decisiveness and specificity that they require. - Bret Jones, student, Trinity College Dublin

A good textbook should be a starting point; motivating the student and giving signpost on where to go next, and this is exactly what this book does. This book sparks and renews interest in nutritional science. I am glad I have this book on my bookshelf. - Helen Llewelyn, student, Anglia Ruskin University

The book does not shy away from introducing and explaining relevant physiological topics (e.g. myofibril contraction theory) as a background for nutritional topics (exercise nutrition in this example). This makes it very valuable as a stand-alone text, particularly for students focused on nutrition without a general biological background. - Saeed Kayhanian, student, University of Cambridge

I think it is probably one of the best single texts in terms of breadth and depth. - Ben Jane, University of St Mark & St John

A good overview of all aspects of human nutrition. - Dr Ali Hill, Southampton Solent University

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MCQs: a minimum of ten multiple choice questions to accompany each chapter
Weblinks: curated links to online sources for further information
'In depth' panels: extended coverage of topics included in the book

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