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How to Write Law Essays & Exams

Fifth Edition

S I Strong

March 2018

ISBN: 9780198811152

296 pages

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Price: £22.99

The perfect companion to the study of law for students of all levels, giving practical, tried-and-tested advice on answering questions and passing exams



How to Write Law Essays & Exams provides a practical and proven method of analysing, structuring and answering essays and exam questions. Designed for students of all levels, this book is packed full of worked examples, tips, and nurtures the vital writing and analytical skills needed to help students succeed in their studies.

  • Gives students a practical and proven method of analysing and approaching questions in law, while also imparting valuable writing skills
  • Analyses real-life student essays and offers detailed commentary highlighting the key strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Includes helpful 'tip' boxes that help to reinforce students' learning and understanding of the process of writing law essays and exams
  • Applicable to most substantive law courses, so the text can be used by students throughout their legal studies
  • The book is accompanied by online resources, including: a case breakdown to help students with reading cases, frequently asked questions, and some tips on citation styles and conventions.

New to this edition

  • The analytical framework for answering questions is now described in terms of the popular IRAC (Issue; Rule; Application; Conclusion) method
  • New content on legal citation is included to highlight the importance of referencing and crediting sources

About the Author(s)

S I Strong, Solicitor, Supreme Court of England and Wales; Solicitor, Ireland; and Attorney, New York and Illinois

Professor S I Strong has over twenty years' experience in the legal field, teaching law at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and practising as a solicitor in London and an attorney in New York and Chicago. Professor Strong is the Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law at the University of Missouri School of Law.

Table of Contents

    1:An introduction to writing law essays and exams
    2:Building the necessary foundation: reading, understanding and summarising legal materials
    3:Step one in the IRAC method: the issue
    4:Step two in the IRAC method: the rule
    5:Step three in the IRAC method: the application
    6:Step four in the IRAC method: the conclusion
    7:Adapting IRAC to 'discuss' questions
    8:General tips on legal writing
    9:Adapting IRAC for professional practice
    10:Worked questions


"Easy to dip into, detailed yet concise, cleverly laid out with excellent tips and pointers throughout. This textbook is sure to help any budding law student worrying about forthcoming exams or looming essay deadlines." - Angharad May, Law Student, Cardiff University

"This is the best book on the market in this field." - Dr Lijun Zhao, Middlesex University London

Additional Resources

A collection of online resources accompany this text, including a real case that is annotated and broken down into its key elements. Students will also find answers to frequently asked questions and useful tips on citation styles and conventions.

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