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Holyoak and Torremans Intellectual Property Law

Ninth Edition

Paul Torremans

July 2019

ISBN: 9780198836452

768 pages

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Price: £44.99

An excellent introduction to the subject that gives students easy access to the details of IP law.



Holyoak and Torremans Intellectual Property Law provides a complete introduction and overview of UK intellectual property law. It examines how the law has developed through key statutory provisions and leading cases, and highlights the increasing influence of the EU and other international jurisdictions in shaping the law in its global context.

  • Places the recent developments in intellectual property law in their economic and social contexts, ensuring students are able to understand the fundamental underpinnings of intellectual property law
  • Chapter introductions and concluding overviews set the scene and provide a succinct summary of the topics, as well as prompting areas for further thought

New to this edition

  • Detailed analysis of the new Trade Marks Directive and Regulation
  • Explanation of the new test for patent infringement
  • Analysis of the Court of Justice of the European Union's latest case law on communication to the public right, and of the impact of repealing s.52 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act
  • A full update on remedies
  • Ongoing coverage of the developments surrounding the Unified Patent Court and the European Patent with Unitary Effect

About the Author(s)

Paul Torremans, Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Nottingham

Table of Contents

    A. Introduction
    1:Themes in intellectual property
    2:The international and European framework
    B. Patents
    3:Origin, background and international aspects of the patent system
    5:Use and grant in the UK and Europe
    6:Infringement and revocation
    7:Supplementary protection certificates and the unitary patent
    8:Patents - an overview
    C. Copyright and Related Issues
    9:An introduction to copyright
    10:The various types of copyright and the quality issue
    12:The term of copyright
    13:Authorship and ownership of copyright
    14:Moral rights
    15:Copyright infringement
    16:Defences to copyright infringement
    17:Rights in performances
    18:Dealing in copyright
    19:Copyright - an overview
    D. Designs
    20:Design and copyright
    21:Registered designs
    22:Unregistered designs
    23:Designs - an overview
    E. Trade Marks and Other Image Rights
    24:Trade marks - an introduction
    25:Trade marks - registrability and use
    26:Trade marks - infringement and revocation
    27:Trade marks - European and international aspects
    28:Tortious protection of intellectual property rights
    F. Issues in Intellectual Property
    29:Confidentiality and trade secrets
    30:Computer technology and intellectual property
    31:Character merchandising
    32:Remedies in intellectual property litigation


"Review from previous edition An excellent textbook for undergraduate students. " - Debra Brown, Associate Professor, Leicester De Montfort Law School

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