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Second Edition

Edited by Guy Orchard and Brian Nation

16 November 2017

ISBN: 9780198717331

520 pages

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Fundamentals of Biomedical Science

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The only text to successfully bring together the theory and practice of histopathology in an accessible way for undergraduate biomedical science students.



Histopathology describes the processes and practices that are central to the role of the histopathologist within a functioning diagnostic laboratory, from pre-sampling to diagnosis to laboratory management.

  • A blend of science theory and biomedical science practice make this series ideal for those seeking both the knowledge and skills to become proficient Biomedical Scientists.
  • Case studies enrich the text and emphasise clinical relevance
  • Self-test and discussion questions, with answers provided online, encourage students to analyze the text and develop their problem solving skills
  • The book is augmented by an Online Resource Centre, which includes an interactive digital microscope, video interviews with practicing biomedical scientists, and 'in the lab' footage showing biomedical science in practice

New to this edition

  • An extensive revision with the addition of seven new chapters
  • A greater focus on molecular diagnostics sees three chapters dedicated to this subject, including a new chapter focusing on in situ hybridization
  • Expanded coverage of pre-analytical procedures includes new coverage of data recording, and new chapters on Mohs procedures and histological artefacts
  • Refined coverage of microscopy includes more of a focus on digital pathology
  • A new chapter on post analytical procedures including histological reporting
  • Additional case studies throughout illustrate more fully the nature of histopathology in practice

About the Author(s)

Edited by Guy Orchard, Consultant Grade Biomedical Scientist/Laboratory Manager, Viapath, St. John's Institute of Dermatology, London, and Brian Nation, Editor, British Journal of Biomedical Science

Dr Guy Orchard is Consultant Grade Biomedical Scientist, Laboratory Manager at Viapath, St John's Institute of Dermatology, and Viapath Operational Lead for Head and Neck Pathology at Guys Hospital, London.

Dr Brian Nation is Editor of The Biomedical Scientist, a publication of the Institute of Biomedical Science.

Table of Contents

    1:What is histopathology?, Dr Guy Orchard, Mr David Muskett, Dr Anne Warren
    2:Fixation and specimen handling, Mr David Muskett
    3:Data recording and histopathology dissection, Ms Vanda McTaggart, Dr Sue Pritchard, Dr Anne Warren
    4:Routine staining, processing and embedding, Mr David Muskett
    5:Special stains, Mr David Muskett and Dr Guy Orchard
    6:Artefacts, Dr Guy Orchard , Mrs Chantell Hodgson, Mr Brian Nation
    7:Mohs procedures, Dr Guy Orchard and Mr Mohammad Shams
    8:Immunocytochemical techniques, Dr Merdol Ibrahim and Dr Guy Orchard
    9:Analytical immunocytochemistry, Mr David Muskett, Dr Guy Orchard, Dr Anne Warren
    10:In situ hybridization: concepts and applications, Dr Tony Warford and Dr Emanuela Volpi
    11:Molecular diagnostics: techniques and applications, Mr Brendan O'Sullivan and Dr Phillipe Taniere
    12:Molecular diagnostics in action, Dr Phillipe Taniere
    13:Histopathology reporting, Dr Guy Orchard and Dr Sue Pritchard
    14:Microscopy and digital pathology, Dr Guy Orchard
    15:Electron microscopy in diagnosis, Prof David Furness
    16:Mortuary practice, Ms Ishbel Gall and Dr Mike Osborne
    17:Essentials of laboratory management, Ms Sue Alexandra and Ms Patricia Fernando


It is very simply and clearly written in language that is easy to understand for the non-specialist. It describes day-to-day histopathology lab practice with clarity and the case studies are very helpful to illustrate the applications of the techniques. - Susan Brooks, Oxford Brookes University

The strength of the book is its detail. The book contains information that is completely lacking from other histopathology books. Overall I think that it is a great textbook for biomedical students and academics. - Akis Karakesisoglou, Durham University

Any potential biomedical scientist with an interest in histopathology, and sound knowledge of the contents of this well- written and nicely-illustrated text together with appropriate practical experience would be well on their way to becoming a valuable member of the team that comprises the core of todays histopathology laboratory. The text will make a valuable addition to any library associated with laboratories performing histopathological techniques. - Judy Brincat, Histology Group of Victoria

Additional Resources

The Online Resource Centre to accompany Histopathology features:

For registered adopters of the book:
· Figures from the book, available to download

For students:
· Answers to self-check and discussion questions
· An interactive Digital Microscope, encouraging the exploration of tissue samples
· Videos including interviews with practicing biomedical scientists, and 'in the lab' footage showing biomedical science in practice

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