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Greek Lives


Translated by Robin Waterfield
Edited by Philip A. Stadter

14 August 2008

ISBN: 9780199540051

528 pages

In Stock

Oxford World's Classics

Price: £10.99


The nine lives in this selection include those of Lycurgus, Pericles, Solon, Nicias, Themistocles, Alcibiades, Cimon, Agesilaus, and Alexander. Portraying virtues to be emulated and vices to be avoided, Plutarch explores with great insight the interplay of character and political action. This new translation is accompanied by a lucid introduction, explanatory notes, bibliographies, maps and indexes.

  • * The most comprehensive selection available

About the Author(s)


Translated by Robin Waterfield
Edited by Philip A. Stadter, Falk Professor in the Humanities, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Table of Contents

    3 Maps
    Appendix on measures of money, weight, capacity, length
    Index of Literary and Historical sources cited by Plutarch
    Index of Proper Names


It is ... a privilege to be offered this sparkling new translation of nine of his Greek Lives by Robin Waterfield. ... It is ... a distinguishing trait of Waterfield's that in the interests of scholarship he will go to endless lengths to find the mot juste; ... the book entirely fulfils the publisher's own criteria for inclusion in the new Oxford World's Classics list, namely to make available 'celebrated writing' in editions equipped with'perceptive commentary and essential back-ground information to meet the changing needs of readers'. To do all that also at a very modest price is an ergon (achievement) indeed. - Paul Cartledge, The Anglo-Hellenic Review

This attractively produced addition to the Oxford World's Classics series. - Daniel Ogden, The Classical Review Vol.XLIX No.2