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Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Materials


Kannan M. Krishnan

07 May 2020

ISBN: 9780198862048

816 pages

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Price: £40.99

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of magnetism, magnetic materials and related applications. It covers the physics of magnetism, magnetic phenomena in materials, size and dimensionality effects and applications including information storage, spin electronics, and biomedicine.


This book provides a comprehensive discussion of magnetism, magnetic materials and related applications. It covers the physics of magnetism, magnetic phenomena in materials, size and dimensionality effects and applications including information storage, spin electronics, and biomedicine.

  • Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, thorough and up-to-date content
  • Written in a pedagogical style, making it accessible to the beginner and expert alike
  • Unique multidisciplinary focus and tailored to a broad audience of physicists, materials scientists, engineers, chemists, biologists and medical doctors
  • CGS equivalents (to SI) are regularly inserted

About the Author(s)

Kannan M. Krishnan, Professor of Materials Science, Adjunct Professor of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Kannan M. Krishnan graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and earned his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley (UCB) in 1984. He is currently Professor of Materials Sciences and Physics at the University of Washington (UW). He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Institute of Physics (London), the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He has received the Burton Medal (MSA), the Fink Prize (IEEE), the Guggenheim and Rockefeller fellowships, a Fulbright Specialist award, the Distinguished Engineer/Scientist award (TMS) and the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award, and has been elected a member of the Washington State Academy of Sciences. With visiting appointments at institutions in all six continents and multiple teaching awards at UCB, UW and professional societies (IEEE Magnetics Distinguished Lectureship), he is widely recognized for his role in education.

Table of Contents

    1:Introduction to Magnetism & Magnetic Materials
    2:Atomic Origins of Magnetism
    3:Diamagnets, Paramagnets, and Ferromagnets
    4:Other Ordered Magnetic Materials
    5:Magnetism in Metals and Alloys
    6:Magnetic Anisotropy
    7:Magnetic Domains and the Process of Magnetization
    8:Micromagnetic Imaging and Modeling
    9:Fine Particles & Nanostructures
    10:Magnetic Surfaces, Interfaces & Thin Films
    11:Hard and Soft Magnets
    12:Magnetic Materials in Medicine and Biology
    13:Spin Electronics
    14:Magnetic Information Storage


"A very detailed and well-written book." - Kannan M. Krishnan, Contemporary Physics

"Krishnan has done the field a great service by writing Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Materials ... His coverage of recent developments in biology and medicine is especially good ... Krishnan's work is likely to become the standard technical reference for magnetic materials, and is highly recommended for any individual with a technical interest in magnetics." - CHOICE

"In the approximately 800 pages of the present book, the well-known magnetism researcher and very experienced author, Kannan M. Krishnan, gives a differentiated and complete introduction to the fundamental concepts of magnetism and the resulting material development. In addition, it includes some very detailed descriptions of important applications... Overall, this is a highly recommendable, very topical book, in particular for students and scientists who are interested in a physical introduction, as well as the state of the art and future pathways in this modern field." - Michael Farle, Physik Journal

"The breadth and depth of the work is impressive, there are numerous clear illustrations, and extensive references to research literature up to 2016. ... For a teacher of advanced classes who needs real-world applications, or for an early-stage researcher looking for a wider context, this is a rich source. As an up-to-date guide to the technology of magnetic materials it excels." - A.H. Harker, Contemporary Physics

"The book has been designed so that the concepts regarding magnetism and the fundamentals and applications of magnetic materials are understandable by students and researchers from varied backgrounds including physicists, electrical engineers, metallurgists, and those from the bio sciences. ... Written in easily understandable, concise English, ... I would like to recommend this took to students, technicians, and researchers." - M. Futamoto, Magnetics Japan

"There are other books on similar topics, but this one is the most comprehensive in its wide and thorough coverage of applications ranging from magnetic storage to spintronics to bio-related applications ... Despite the broad coverage of this book, most topics are discussed in depth ... An excellent book for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers in the field." - Wanfeng Li, MRS Bulletin

"The best value of this book is ... as a reference for professional researchers exploring new fields in magnetism. I intend to keep a copy in my laboratory." - Barrett O. Wells, Journal of Materials Science

"What is so refreshing about Krishnan's book is that it covers historical background and then bursts into the topics in modern magnetism that are setting the field ablaze. The hallmark of modern science is its interdisciplinarity. Krishnan appreciates this and takes us on a voyage to the future of biomedicine and the future of information technology via recent developments in magnetism." - Samuel D. Bader, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.

"This is an amazing book that is very carefully prepared with contents that are easy to follow and understand. The illustrations, tables and impressive photographs are clear and well-organized, helping even undergraduate students to understand the behavior of magnetic materials. I recommend this book to students, researchers, and engineers who have an interest in the physics, characterization, and applications of magnetic thin films and magnetic nanoparticles." - Masaaki Futamoto, Chuo University, Japan

"Prof. Krishnan has written what could become a new standard textbook in the field of magnetic materials. Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Materials comprehensively covers and explains the entire field, up to its most recent developments ... This book is a reflection of Kannan's ability to teach difficult concepts in an elegant and easy to understand way. Working in the biomedical field, I was particularly impressed with his clear and comprehensive description of the use of magnetic materials in biomedical applications. I would recommend this book without hesitation to students, teachers and those working in industry." - Urs Hafeli, University of British Columbia, Canada

"Prof. Krishnan has assembled three decades of experience in research and classroom teaching in this new book. The volume presents introductory magnetics to students at the advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate levels. Concentrating on the physics and materials aspect of magnetism, including modern applications, it also goes beyond the basics in the areas of Prof. Krishnan's research specialties: fine particles, nanostructures, thin films, magnetic domains and domain imaging, medical and biological applications, magneto-electronics, and recent advances in magnetic information storage. This will allow students to obtain both a solid grounding in the fundamentals plus an understanding of current areas of intense research interest. A collection of exercises at the end of each chapter, suggestions for further reading, and a large set of illustrations make this book especially suited for use in the classroom." - Ron Goldfarb, IEEE Magnetics Society Newsletter

"When I was asked to review the new book Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Materials, I was hesitant at first, since a number of similar textbooks already exist. However, this book caught my attention. What I like about this book is the steady solid level of quality throughout the chapters. A particular strength lies in the chapters close to Krishnan's own research interest, those addressing small magnetic particles, medical applications of magnetism and magnetic imaging. I can very strongly recommend this book as a reference for daily work in magnetism research and teaching." - Burkard Hillebrands, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany

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