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Fossils: A Very Short Introduction

Keith Thomson

October 2005

ISBN: 9780192805041

160 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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How did Darwin use fossils to support his theory of evolution? What are 'living fossils'? What fossils will today's generation leave behind? Building on the scientific aspects, Keith Thomson places fossils in a very human context, highlighting their impact on philosophy, mythology, our concept of time, and popular culture. In this delightful book, he provides a remarkably all-encompassing explanation of fossils as a phenomenon.

  • A unique approach: The first book to bring together the science and the cultural impact of fossils.
  • Fossils hold a permanent place in the popular imagination.
  • An immensely readable account from one of the world's leading authorities.

About the Author(s)

Keith Thomson, Professor and Director of Oxford University Museum of Natural History Museum

Table of Contents

    2:A cultural phenomenon
    3:In the popular imagination
    4:Some things we know, some things we don't
    5:Against the odds
    6:Bringing fossils to life
    8:Of molecules and man
    9:Fakes and fortunes
    10:Back to the future
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