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Second Edition

Stephen Stearns and Rolf Hoekstra

11 August 2005

ISBN: 9780199255634

600 pages

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Since Charles Darwin's masterpiece 'The Origin of Species by Natural Selection' was published in 1859, evolution has become an established science that illuminates and informs our understanding of many central biological issues, from animal development to animal behaviour. Evolution: An Introduction stands alone amongst the major textbooks by focusing on key principles to offer a truly accessible, unintimidating treatment of this fascinating subject.

Its full colour presentation, extensively revised content and enhanced pedagogical features make Evolution: An Introduction the perfect text for any student wishing to gain a sound understanding of the subject.

  • A focus on principles offers an unintimidating introduction to evolution, perfect for a first course in the subject
  • New chapters on the role of development in evolution, on fossil record, co-evolution, and on evolutionary medicine and human evolution, and a completely rewritten chapter on phylogenetics give students an insight into these dynamic areas of research
  • Key concepts are defined and highlighted in the margin, helping to ensure that the information presented is crystal clear
  • An appendix of basic genetic concepts provides a firm foundation for those who have limited prior knowledge of genetics, opening up the subject to an even broader range of students
  • Striking photographs supplement the line drawings and illuminate key themes in the text, helping students to visualise the concepts described
  • Online Resource Centre includes figures available to download, to facilitate lecture preparation, and interactive simulations, plus additional questions and answers, to encourage independent learning

New to this edition

  • New chapters on 'The Role of Development in Evolution' on 'The Fossil Record and Life's History', on 'Co-evolution', and on 'Evolutionary Medicine & Human Evolution' encompass dynamic areas of interest to help engage the student
  • New subdivision into five parts groups chapters into logical clusters, facilitating the book's use by students with little prior understanding of the subject area
  • Enhanced explanations, particularly in earlier chapters, lead students more gradually into the subject, helping confidence in the subject to be established more rapidly
  • An appendix of basic genetic concepts provides an firm foundation for those students who have limited prior knowledge of genetics
  • New plate section presents key diagrams in full-colour, adding visual impact to the concepts explained in the text

About the Author(s)

Stephen Stearns, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, USA, and Rolf Hoekstra, Professor of Genetics, Laboratory of Genetics, Department of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Table of Contents

    The Nature of the Issues
    Part I
    Microevolutionary Concepts
    1:Adaptive Evolution
    2:Neutral Evolution
    3:The Genetic Impact of Selection on Populations
    4:Origin and Maintenance of Genetic Variation
    5:The Importance of Development in Evolution
    6:The Expression of Variation
    Part II
    Design by Selection for Reproductive Success
    7:The Evolution of Sex
    8:Genomic Conflict
    9:Life Histories and Sex Allocation
    10:Sexual Selection
    Part III
    Principles of Macroevolution
    12:Phylogeny and Systematics
    13:Comparative Methods
    Part IV
    The History of Life
    14:Key Events in Evolution
    15:Major Events in the Geological Theater
    16:The Fossil Record and Life's History
    Part V
    Integrating Micro- and Macro-Evolution
    17:Coevolution: Micro- and Macro
    18:Human Evolution and Evolutionary Medicine
    19:Conclusions and Prospects
    Appendix of Basic Genetic Concepts


"This book exactly meets my needs as a general introductory text for students with different scientific and biological backgrounds ... The text provides and accessible, authoritative and readable account. This is an excellent text." - Steve Waite, University of Brighton

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