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Essentials of Human Nutrition

Fifth Edition

Edited by Jim Mann and Stewart Truswell

13 April 2017

ISBN: 9780198752981

720 pages

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Price: £57.99

Highly Commended in Medicine in the 2018 BMA Medical Book Awards - The most comprehensive and student-friendly introduction to the subject, built on carefully edited contributions from an international team of experts.



With contributions from an international and interdisciplinary team of experts, Essentials of Human Nutrition provides the most complete and student-friendly introduction to the field, making it ideal for students encountering nutrition for the first time.

  • Contributions from an international team of experts have been carefully edited to make Essentials of Human Nutrition the most complete and student-friendly introduction to the subject
  • Chapters cover a broad range of disciplines, to help students develop a complete understanding of the subject
  • Inter-chapter links help students see connections between different topics and build up a coherent picture of the subject as a whole
  • Explains the impact of nutritional principles applied in practice- for example, in the context of sports and healthcare

New to this edition

  • Coverage of new topics, including: evidence-based nutrition, food fortification, and dietary patterns
  • Brand new chapters on implementing dietary recommendations, dietary patterns, food systems, and food in hospitals
  • Chapter on water, electrolytes, and acid-base balance; genes, nutrition, and disease risk; food toxicity and safety; nutritional crises; nutrition and cancer; feeding infants and toddlers; food habits; and nutritional recommendations for the general population have all been completely re-written by new authors
  • Expanded discussion of Vitamin D, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes

About the Author(s)

Edited by Jim Mann, University of Otago, New Zealand, and Stewart Truswell, The University of Sydney, Australia

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Introducing Human Nutrition
    Part 2: Energy and macronutrients
    Part 3:Organic and inorganic essential nutrients
    7:Water, electrolytes & acid-base balance
    8:Major minerals: Ca & Mg
    10:Trace elements
    11:Vitamin A & carotenoids
    12:B Vitamins
    13:Vitamins C & E
    14:Vitamins D & K
    15:Other biologically active substances in plant foods
    16:Genes, nutrition & disease risk
    Part 4: Foods
    17:Food groups
    18:Functional foods and health claims
    19:Food toxicity and safety
    Part 5: Nutrition related disorders
    20:Overweight and obesity
    21:Protein-energy malnutrition
    22:Nutritional crises
    23:Cadiovascular diseases
    24:Nutrition and cancer
    25:Diabetes mellitus and the metabolic syndrome
    26:Eating disorders
    Part 6: Nutritional assessment
    27:Food analysis
    28:Dietary assessment
    29:Assessment of nutritional status and biomarkers
    Part 7: Life stages
    30:Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation
    31:Feeding infants and toddlers
    32:Nutrition for children and adolescents
    33:Nutrition and ageing
    Part 8: Changing food habits
    34:Food habits
    35:Nutritional recommendations for the general population
    36:Implementing dietary recommendations
    37:Dietary patterns
    38:Food systems: challenges and the way forward
    39:Nutrition and the environment: sustainable diets
    Part 9: Applications
    40:Sports nutrition
    41:Nutritional consequences of poverty and food insecurity in developed countries
    42:Food in hospitals
    43:Nutritional support for hospital patients


I believe this book to be the most comprehensive Human Nutrition text available. - Dr Simon Cooper, Nottingham Trent University

Well-written, concise text covering all the essential topics in human nutrition. - Dr James O'Reilly, University of Chester

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