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Essential Study and Employment Skills for Business and Management Students

Third Edition

Kevin Gallagher

May 2016

ISBN: 9780198724001

336 pages

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Price: £29.99

The most practical skills companion for business students that blends hands-on advice with a sound theoretical underpinning to enhance your success throughout university and beyond.



Today's graduates need effective professional skills and study skills, and to be emotionally competent. This text is the only skills companion for business and management students that blends practical, hands-on advice with a sound theoretical underpinning to enhance your success throughout university and beyond.

  • Accessible, hands-on, and user-friendly, with the theoretical rigour required to help students make the transition from school to university quickly and effectively.
  • Tailored to business and management students at all levels, this is the essential companion for students throughout their university careers, with insights and practical activities that will prepare them for entering the job market.
  • Links study skills with the development and enhancement of emotional intelligence: the book's reflective approach nurtures confidence and promotes independent learning.

New to this edition

  • Extended coverage of skills such as critical thinking, reflective skills, and time management.
  • Group activity feature added to each chapter, to develop team-working skills and provide a useful teaching resource for larger classes.
  • Activities throughout have been further developed to help students put their skills into practice.
  • Chapter 10 extensively revised to emphasise how different types of quantitative data can be used with impact and clarity to both logically and emotionally develop arguments. This chapter is linked closely to skills in action, rather than simply presenting and manipulating data.
  • Chapter 13 also revised to emphasise the importance of developing professional skills and enhancing employability, with help such as building a CV.

About the Author(s)

Kevin Gallagher, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sunderland

Kevin Gallagher is a Senior Lecturer at Sunderland Business School. After his graduation, Kevin worked on civil engineering projects in the UK and overseas. Developing his qualifications in management he then changed career direction to a business development managers role in a major UK paper company. Kevin joined the Business School at the University of Sunderland in 1990. Kevin has since been a teaching fellow at the University and is the author of a number of management and skills textbooks.

Table of Contents

    Introduction: Setting the scene: study, workplace, and development skills
    1:Developing skills for business and management students
    2:Understanding how you learn
    3:Organizing yourself
    4:Communication skills
    5:Locating information and smart search skills
    6:Assignment research: developing a critical approach
    7:Reading skills
    8:Writing essentials: preparation, layout and structure
    9:Presentation skills
    10:Measurement and management: quantitative data and its presentation
    11:Teamwork skills
    12:Creativity and innovation skills
    13:Gaining experience and developing your CV


An excellent and well-written book, pitched at just the right level for students - Jon Curwin, Birmingham City University -

This books has a good combination of practical and more theoretical aspects. The case studies and examples make the book easier to use than other textbooks on the same topic - Liz Quick, University of West London -

All of the tips and guidance [from the second edition] were extremely useful and really helped me, particularly with presentations. The skills I learned from this book will certainly be transferable to my career in the future - Morggen (student) -

Essential study skills for Business and Management Students is just that - essential. It will always be a valued text on my bookshelf, which I know will provide excellent advice as I develop my research career - Nadia (student) -

Additional Resources

This text is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre:
For students:
Selected activities from the text (including templates to complete online)
Answer guidance on writing style and using a narrative approach
Critical incidents log
Excel workbook to provide additional support in areas such as constructing pie charts, bar charts, and line charts
Information on using Excel in data analysis
Web links
YouTube channel featuring relevant videos on skills, including interviews with students and graduates that accompany the book

For lecturers:
PowerPoint slides

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