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The Social Science View

Edited by Richard Swedberg

August 2000

ISBN: 9780198294610

416 pages

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Oxford Management Readers

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A new addition to the Oxford Management Readers series that looks at the culture and role of the entrepreneur from an interdisciplinary perspective. Introduced by an internationally known and highly respected editor, this volume contains the best that has been written on the subject by economists, sociologists, historians, and anthropologists.

  • Important new interdisciplinary approach to the subject of entrepreneurship
  • Addresses issues from a broad social-science-based perspective
  • Contains the best work on the subject by economists, sociologists, historians, and anthropologists
  • Includes an introduction with guidance on translating these insights into practical advice for managers

About the Author(s)

Edited by Richard Swedberg, Professor of Sociology, Cornell University

Table of Contents

    Introduction, Richard Swedberg
    A Guide to the Social Science Literature for Entrepreneurs-To-Be
    Part I: Different Social Science Perspectives on Entrepreneurship
    1:Entrepreneurship as Innovation, Joseph A. Schumpeter
    2:Entrepreneurship Before and After Schumpeter, Mark Blaug
    3:The Entrepreneur and Profit, Ludwig von Mises
    4:Values and Entrepreneurship in the Americas, S. M. Lipset
    5:The Modernization of Entrepreneurship, Alexander Gerschenkron
    6:Economic Spheres in Darfur, Fredric Barth
    Part II: Entrepreneurship and the Firm. Small Firms, Large Firms, and How a Manager can also be an Entrepreneur
    7:When a Thousand Flowers Bloom, Rosabeth Moss Kanter
    Part III: Entrepreneurship and the Firm
    8:When a Thousand Flowers Bloom: Structural, Collective, and Social Conditions for Innovation in Organization, Rosabeth Moss Kanter
    9:Entrepreneurial Strategies in New Organizational Populations, Howard Aldrich
    10:Innovation in Large and Small Firms, Kenneth Arrow
    11:The Economic Sociology of Firms and Entrepreneurs, Mark Granovetter
    Part IV: Entrepreneurship in a Changing World
    12:The Network Entrepreneur, Ronald Burt
    13:The Origins and Dynamics of Production Networks in Silicon Valley, AnnaLee Saxenian
    14:Entrepreneurship and Culture: The Case of Freddy, the Strawberry Man, Monica Lindh de Montoya
    15:Ethnic Entrepreneurs, Roger Waldinger, Howard Aldrich, and Robin Ward