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Engels: A Very Short Introduction

Terrell Carver

May 2003

ISBN: 9780192804662

128 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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This lucid introductory book explores the importance of Engels's thought and work. It is by no means absurd to say that Engles invented Marxism. His work did more than Marx's to make converts of the most influential political movement of modern times. He was not only the father of dialectical and historical materialism, the official philosophies of history and science in many communist countries; he was also the first Marxist historian, anthropologist, philosopher, and commentator on early Marx.

  • The only short and accessible introduction to Engels
  • A lucid study of Engels's thought and its implications for contemporary social science and politics
  • Lively exploration of Engels's development of Maxist theory and practice

About the Author(s)

Terrell Carver, Head of the Department of Politics at Bristol University

Table of Contents

    1:Engels and Marx
    7:Engels and Marxism
    Further reading


Review from previous edition 'combines a lucid introduction to the thinker with a genuine introduction to scholarly discussion' - British Book News

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