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Egyptian Myth: A Very Short Introduction

Geraldine Pinch

22 April 2004

ISBN: 9780192803467

160 pages

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Very Short Introductions

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The complex world of Egyptian myth is clearly illuminated in this fascinating new approach to ancient Egypt. Geraldine Pinch explores the cultural and historical background behind a wide variety of sources and objects, from Cleopatra's Needle and Tutankhamun's golden statue, to a story on papyrus of the gods misbehaving. What did they mean, and how have they been interpreted? The reader is taken on an exciting journey through the distant past, and shown how myths of deities such as Isis and Osiris influenced contemporary culture and have become part of our cultural heritage.

  • Written by an expert but with the general reader in mind
  • Thematically arranged
  • Emphasizes diversity of source material
  • Simply and concisely explains and illuminates a fascinating and complex world

About the Author(s)

Geraldine Pinch, Oriental Institute, Oxford University

Table of Contents

    1:The Myth of Egypt (Imagined Egypts)
    Key object - Cleopatra's Needle
    2:Words of the gods (Myth and Language)
    Key object - The Metternich Stela
    3:Millions of Gods (Deities and Myth)
    Key object - Statue of King Amenhotep III with Sobek-Ra
    4:The Beautiful Moment (Creation Myths)
    Key object - The Shabaqo Stone
    5:Everything Which the Sun Encircles (The Landscape of Egyptian Myth)
    Key object - Coffin painted with underworld map
    6:Lord of the Two Lands
    Key object - Statuette of Tutankhamum as Horus the Hunter
    7:The Big Fight (Conflict and Reconciliation)
    Key object - Papyrus Chester Beatty I
    8:The Cosmic Eye (Myth and Symbolism)
    Key object - 'Sacred eye' Amulet
    9:Personal Myths (Myth and Popular Religion)
    Key object - Ivory 'Magic Wand'
    10:The Return of the Mummy
    Key object - Corn Mummy
    Timeline of Egyptian History
    Suggested further reading


a masterly, clear, and concise account of a complex subject - Dr Richard Parkinson, Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum