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Edward M. Kennedy

An Oral History

Barbara A. Perry

29 April 2022

ISBN: 9780197601099

568 pages

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Oxford Oral History Series

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Based on a comprehensive oral history project on the "lion of the Senate," this book presents the compelling story of Edward Kennedy's unexpected rise to become one of the most consequential legislators in American history and a passionate defender of progressive values.

  • First book based solely on Edward Kennedy's definitive oral history
  • Presents the complete record of his released interviews
  • Provides insights from his family members, colleagues, allies, adversaries, and friends
  • Argues that he was a "bi-partisan partisan," who maintained his progressive values, while forging policy compromises with Republican legislators and presidents

About the Author(s)

Barbara A. Perry, White Burkett Miller Center Chair of Ethics and Institutions; Director, Presidential Studies; Co-Chair, Presidential Oral History Program at the Miller Center, University of Virginia

Barbara A. Perry, a well-known authority on the Kennedys, is the director of Presidential Studies and co-chair of the Presidential Oral History Program at the University of Virginia's Miller Center, where she completed the Edward Kennedy Oral History Project. She is the author of Rose Kennedy: The Life and Times of a Political Matriarch and Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier.

Table of Contents

    Editorial Note
    Chapter 1: Growing up Kennedy: Lessons from a Political Dynasty
    Chapter 2: The Making of a President: Campaigning for JFK and a Brother in the White House
    Chapter 3: Joining the Family Business: Teddy Goes to the Senate
    Chapter 4: Striving for Equality: Civil Rights-The Work Begins
    Chapter 5: Striving for Equality: Civil Rights-The Cause Continues
    Chapter 6: Transforming from Hawk to Dove: The Vietnam Dilemma
    Chapter 7: Trying to Restore Camelot: Bobby's 1968 Presidential Campaign and Its Aftermath
    Chapter 8: Challenging a President: The Quest for the 1980 Nomination
    Chapter 9: Shaping the Supreme Court: Judicial Appointment Battles
    Chapter 10: Holding on to a Senate Seat: The 1994 Campaign Struggle
    Chapter 11: Pursuing Peace: Kennedy's Irish-Catholic Roots and Northern Ireland
    Chapter 12: Creating a Melting Pot: Immigration
    Chapter 13: Escaping a Quagmire: The Iraq War
    Chapter 14: Fighting for Universal Health Care: The Dream of a Lifetime
    Chapter 15: Coming Home to Port: Summaries of a Historic Life
    Epilogue: Observations on Oral History
    Appendix: List of Edward M. Kennedy Oral History Project Interviews

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