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Economics for Business

Andrew Gillespie

February 2019

ISBN: 9780198786030

416 pages

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Price: £57.99

The most straight-forward, confidence-building introduction to economics specifically for business students, which emphasises how economic concepts apply to the real world.



Economics for Business provides an engaging introduction to the core economic concepts that business students need to know, consistently emphasising how, and why, understanding economics is essential for their studies, and future business careers.

  • Provides full coverage of the economic concepts business students need to know, with exceptional clarity.
  • Real world case studies and business insights throughout, which feature well- known companies including AirBnB, Coca-Cola, and Monarch, clearly demonstrate the relevance and application of economic concepts in real-world business situations.
  • Promotes active learning; business insights and accompanying questions can be assigned as pre-lecture reading, facilitating flipped approaches to teaching.
  • Mathematical support is given through the 'doing the business maths' and 'analysing the business data' features.
  • The book addresses key skills gaps employers say need filling if undergraduates are to become highly employable business professionals. A focus throughout on developing highly employable business professionals includes the 'you, the manager' feature, which encourages students to think critically about what they've just learnt and apply it to a new scenario by putting them in the shoes of a decision-maker, and research tasks, which cultivate essential report writing and information assimilating skills.
  • The in-text features are complemented by the online 'Jobwatch' feature which contains real job adverts, annotated to pull out the key skills students will need to demonstrate in order to be successful in their application.

Table of Contents

    1:What is a business?
    2:Mission and objectives
    3:Managing demand
    4:Managing costs
    5:How markets work
    6:Labour market
    7:Do markets work?
    8:Different market forms
    9:Strategic planning and the economy
    10:Strategies for growth
    11:Analysing the macroeconomic environment
    12:Government macroeconomic policy and business
    13:Global business


"Economics for Business is superior in its sleek, up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of so many business economics issues." - Alina Ileana Petrescu, University of Central Lancashire

"This text is an engaging and very well written resource, filled with practical examples and applications that will motivate students to learn about these topics." - Robert Edwards University of Liverpool, Management School

Additional Resources

Economics for Business is accompanied by a wealth of online resources:

For students:

Sample essays
Self-test questions
Jobwatch: annotated job advertisements explaining what key skills employers look for and how to demonstrate these
Video walkthroughs of the trickier concepts in the book
Additional short case studies
Library of video and podcast links
Solutions to exercises in the book
One step further: more advanced material

For lecturers:

Case study teaching notes: guide answers and helpful tips for each chapter's opening case
Group exercises
PowerPoint presentations
Test bank
Figures from the book