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A Primer

Simon Hayley and Alec Chrystal

22 February 2018

ISBN: 9780198787051

136 pages

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Price: £9.99

Concise, engaging and highly intuitive, Economics: A Primer equips you with an understanding of all the basic principles of economics.


Concise, engaging and highly intuitive, Economics: a primer equips you with an understanding of all the basic principles of economics.

  • Designed specifically as a first encounter to economics for readers with no prior knowledge of the subject
  • Technical content is kept to a minimum
  • Emphasises the universal principles underlying economics

About the Author(s)

Simon Hayley, Senior Lecturer in Finance, Cass Business School, City University, London, and Alec Chrystal, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Cass Business School, City University, London

Simon Hayley is Senior Lecturer at the Sir John Cass Business School in London. Prior to this he was an economic policy adviser at HM Treasury and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and held a number of jobs in the financial sector, most recently as global market analyst at Capital Economics. He is also a CFA charterholder. Dr Hayleys teaching at Cass has received exceptionally positive student feedback, winning multiple awards for his clear and intuitive explanations of complex subjects.

Alec Chrystal is Emeritus Professor of Money and Banking, Sir John Cass Business School, and Visiting Fellow at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University. He has previously worked as a senior adviser in the monetary analysis wing of the Bank of England, and is the author/co-author of several books, including the last seven editions of the famous economics textbook with Richard G. Lipsey.

Table of Contents

    1:Introduction: Our astonishing economics
    2:Demand and supply
    3:Consumer and producer decision-making
    4:Market failures
    5:Labour markets, finance, and behavioural economics
    6:Microeconomics summary
    7:Measuring economic activity
    8:Explaining unemployment
    10:International Economics
    11:Growth and welfare
    12:Summary: a short history of macroeconomic policy


"This nice, short, simple book is aimed at providing an introduction to Economics for those who signed up to do a course involving Economics at Universities, but had not studied the subject beforehand. They have constructed an excellent primer on the basis of their experience of running such introductory courses for several years. Besides the purpose for which it has been prepared, this book will also be a boon for school teachers trying to get their students through Economics A-level. The basic concepts are nicely explained, with the minimum of technical detail, and there is a splendid glossary at the end." - Professor Charles Goodhart, LSE

"The way the authors explain the core and main ideas, concepts, tools and models of microeconomics is excellent. I liked the use of excellent examples and the intuitive approach. I can see students learning well and also enjoying doing so. " - Professor Abhinay Muthoo, Warwick University

"I find this book to be an excellent introduction to economics for someone who has limited or no knowledge of economics whatsoever, and the easily comprehensible writing style allows lecturers to use this book for teaching foreign students as well." - Jovan Vojnovic, University of Edinburgh

Additional Resources

This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which features:

For Students:
- Summaries of key concepts
- Bespoke videos of the authors summarising each chapter

For Lecturers:
- PowerPoint slides