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Early Modern Europe

An Oxford History

Edited by Euan Cameron

February 2001

ISBN: 9780198207603

440 pages

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From the Renaissance and the Reformation to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, early modern Europe was a period of political and intellectual upheaval. This extensively illustrated book offers a new kind of introduction to Europe between 1500 and 1800. Eleven leading historians examine different aspects of politics, religion, culture, and daily life, putting together a convincing and fascinating picture of Europe as it moved from the middle ages to the modern era.

  • Individual chapters written by leading experts provide an authoritative point-of-entry to the period
  • Considers social, political, economic, and cultural perspectives to provide a full picture of Early Modern Europe
  • Chapters organized thematically within a chronological backbone; can be read by individual chapter or as a full chronological study
  • Extensively illustrated with carefully chosen images to complement the text
  • Recommendations for further reading points students towards sources for more detailed study

About the Author(s)

Edited by Euan Cameron, Professor of Early Modern History, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Table of Contents

    Prologue: Europe and the World Around, Anthony Pagden
    The Sixteenth Century, c.1500-c.1618
    1:The Conditions of Life for the Masses, Alison Rowlands
    2:The Power of the World: Renaissance and Reformation, Euan Cameron
    3:War, Religion, and the State, Steven Gunn
    The Seventeenth Century, c.1618-c.1715
    4:Colonies, Enterprises, and Wealth: the Economies of Europe and the Wider World, R. A. Houston
    5:Embattled Faiths: Religion and Natural Philosophy, Robin Briggs
    6:Warfare, Crisis, and Absolutism, Jeremy Black
    The Eighteenth Century, c.1715-c.1789
    7:A Widening Market in Consumer Goods, James C. Riley
    8:The Enlightenment, Norman Hampson
    9:Europe Turns East: Political Developments, H. M. Scott
    Epilogue: The Old Order transformed 1789-1815, T. C. W. Blanning


this lucidly written, erudite and important book/ Patrick Richards, Day By Day, 30/04/99. -

this is a coherent, informative and thoughtful treatment of three centuries of European history./Paul Dukes, Journal of European Studies 32 (2002) -

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