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Digital Grooming


Discourses of Manipulation and Cyber-Crime

Nuria Lorenzo-Dus

21 February 2023

ISBN: 9780190845186

240 pages

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Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics

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Illicit digital activity is a substantial and growing problem. Extremists' use of social media over the past decade or so has raised increasing concern among governments and media corporations alike. In Digital Grooming: Discourses of Manipulation and Cyber-Crime, Nuria Lorenzo-Dus analyzes the criminal practices of digital sexual grooming, digital ideological grooming, and digital commercial grooming. The findings of this book can inform practitioner-based attempts at countering digital grooming, including the development of detection software and prevention-focused training resources.

  • Examines digital grooming as a discourse practice, deploying the concepts of stance and style to the study of manipulation
  • Based on empirical analysis of large and varied data sets from digital grooming practices in the UK, USA, Australia, and elsewhere
  • Provides detailed textual and visual analysis of digital grooming examples
  • Presents comprehensive coverage of digital manipulation research across social sciences

About the Author(s)

Nuria Lorenzo-Dus, Professor, Swansea University

Nuria Lorenzo-Dus is Professor of Linguistics at Swansea University. She is the author or editor of several books including Television Discourse: Analysing Language in the Media and Spanish at Work: Analysing Institutional Discourse Across the Spanish-Speaking World, and is the director of Project DRAGON-S, which develops linguistically informed digital tools to help counter online child sexual grooming globally.

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Digital Grooming: What Is it and How to Research it?
    Chapter 3: Digital Sexual Grooming: Setting the Scene
    Chapter 4: 'You're like my only friend, idc if you are 12': Digital Sexual Grooming Discourse
    Chapter 5: Digital Ideological Grooming: Setting the Scene
    Chapter 6: 'Let them starve, you idiots!!! Why feed VERMIN?': Digital Ideological Grooming Discourse
    Chapter 7: Digital Commercial Grooming: Setting the Scene
    Chapter 8: 'Your DrugBuddy': Digital commercial Grooming Discourse
    Chapter 9: Digital Grooming: Applications to Daily Life

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