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Cultural Psychology

Exploring Culture and Mind in Diverse Communities

Robyn M. Holmes

26 March 2020

ISBN: 9780199343805

856 pages

Price: £76.00



Cultural Psychology explores how culture broadly connects to how individuals think, act, and feel across diverse cultural communities and settings, highlighting the applied nature of cultural psychology to everyday life events and situations. Designed for undergraduate students, the text contains traditional and non-traditional content, is multidisciplinary, and uses culture-specific and cross-cultural examples to highlight the connections between culture and psychological phenomena. Chapters contain numerous teaching and learning tools including case studies, key words, chapter summary, thought provoking questions, and class and experiential activities.

  • Focused on the theme of development to encourage readers to think critically about how culture shapes development and growth throughout the lifespan
  • Provides multidisciplinary culture-specific and cross-cultural examples that illustrate how culture shapes growth and development
  • Offers comprehensive teaching and learning tools, such as learning goals, case studies, bulleted summaries, class and experiential activities, and key terms that appear in every chapter
  • Addresses culturally diverse communities not typically represented in competing texts
  • Companion website with supplemental material including powerpoints, chapter test banks, and additional class activities

About the Author(s)

Robyn M. Holmes, Professor of Psychology, Monmouth University

Robyn M. Holmes is Professor of Psychology and Associated Faculty member in the History and Anthropology Department at Monmouth University. Her research on children's experiences and activities explore play and culture, play and creativity, early childhood education, outdoor play and recess, sport, and social cognition. Her work with children and adults in cultural communities in the United States and Pacific Rim reflects her commitment to understand cultural activity and participation from peoples' perspectives and in their own words.

Table of Contents

    List of Abbreviations
    Chapter 1. Introduction to Cultural Psychology
    Chapter 2. History of Cultural Psychology
    Chapter 3. Cultural Evolution and Cultural Ecology
    Chapter 4. Methods: Ways of Knowing, Understanding, and Interpreting
    Chapter 5. Language and Non-verbal Communication
    Chapter 6. Cognition and Perception
    Chapter 7. The Self, Identity, and Personality
    Chapter 8. Social Relationships
    Chapter 9. Social Attitudes and Intergroup Contact in a Global World
    Chapter 10. Social Influence, Aggression, Violence, and War
    Chapter 11. Human Development: Processes, transitions, and rituals
    Chapter 12. Cultural Learning: Socialization Practices, Schooling, and Play
    Chapter 13. Emotion
    Chapter 14. Motivation
    Chapter 15. Mental Health and Psychopathology
    Chapter 16. Cultural Psychology in the 21st Century