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Steve Case, Phil Johnson, David Manlow, Roger Smith, and Kate Williams

March 2017

ISBN: 9780198736752

952 pages

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Price: £41.99

The most student-focused, critical, and applied criminology textbook. Thorough. Engaging. Distinctive.



Criminology is a textbook with a new approach, both student-focused and research-engaged. Written for today's students, it provides the framework of knowledge core to exploring, understanding, and explaining crime. The goal is simple and bold - to help the next generation of criminologists to be switched-on, excited, and critical.

  • Written with one single focus in mind: students. Criminology is a new style of core textbook that speaks directly to students - encouraging, engaging, and enthusing at all times
  • Clear, no-nonsense explanation is combined with constant emphasis on a critical approach - 'telling it like it is' boxes explore the particular viewpoints of the expert authors, while 'what do you think?' features challenge students to develop their own opinions
  • 'Conversations' boxes bring in voices from across the world of criminology and criminal justice, including interviews with police officers, researchers, probation officers, students, and employability experts. These reinforce the applied nature of the discussion - showing students the impact that criminological research and policy has on practice
  • Logical structure takes the reader on a journey from their first steps in criminology through to becoming a researcher of criminology and exploring opportunities for potential employment
  • Accompanied by extensive online resources, which include selected further readings and web links, over 100 multiple choice questions, advice on 'decoding' academic articles, and numerous time-saving resources for teaching staff

About the Author(s)

Steve Case, Professor of Criminology, University of Loughborough, Phil Johnson, Criminology Lecturer and Academic Subject Leader, University Centre at Blackburn College, David Manlow, Principal Lecturer in Criminology, University of Westminster, Roger Smith, Professor of Social Work, Durham University, and Kate Williams, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Aberystwyth University

Steve Case is Professor of Criminology at Loughborough University

Phil Johnson lectures in, and is Academic Subject Leader for, Criminology at the University Centre at Blackburn College

David Manlow is Principal Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Westminster

Roger Smith is Professor of Social Work at Durham University

Kate Williams is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Aberystwyth University, and Deputy Director of the Welsh Centre for Crime and Social Justice

Table of Contents

    Part 1: Journeying into Criminology
    1:Becoming a student
    2:What is the study of criminology?
    Part 2: Exploring Crime
    3:What is 'crime'?
    4:What is 'justice'?
    5:Crime statistics
    6:How does criminology 'know' about crime?
    7:Crime and the media
    8:Victimology and hate crime
    9:Explaining youth crime and youth justice
    10:Race, ethnicities, and the criminal justice system
    11:Gender and feminist criminology
    Part 3: Explaining Crime
    12:Free will, classicism, and rational choice
    13:Biological and psychological positivism
    14:Sociological positivism
    15:Critical criminology - part 1
    16:Critical criminology - part 2
    17:Right and left realism
    18:Integrated theories of crime
    19:Searching for the causes of crime
    Part 4: Responding to Crime
    20:Criminal justice principles
    21:Criminal justice - policy, practice, and people
    22:Crime prevention
    23:Crime control, policing, and community safety
    24:Punishment and the idea of 'just deserts'
    25:Rehabilitation of offenders
    26:Alternatives to punishment
    27:Critical perspectives on crime and punishment
    Part 5: Becoming a Researcher of Criminology
    28:Becoming a researcher and knowledge producer
    29:Applying your skills to employability or future study
    30:Journeying into employability and careers
    Online chapter:The criminal justice system in Northern Ireland - Nicola Carr
    Online chapter:The criminal justice system in Scotland - Katrina Morrison
    Online chapter:The criminal justice system in Wales - Jonathan Evans, Robert Jones, and Kevin Haines


Well-written and easy to follow, this book speaks to students in an engaging, honest way, leaving room for critical thinking and their own personal interpretations. - Dr Anita Lavorgna, University of Southampton

This is an ambitious, engaging and comprehensive companion guide for students of criminology. It offers much more than a conventional textbook and will be an invaluable resource for students at all levels. - Professor Neil Chakraborti, University of Leicester

A great go-to manual for every aspect of the subject at degree level, this book really helps the reader understand what criminology means in reality. - Margherita Colucci, student, Manchester Metropolitan University

This book provides highly accessible and engaging advice and information on all aspects of the discipline. It really is the complete criminology textbook. - Dr Daniel McCarthy, University of Surrey

This excellent, introductory criminology textbook is the most 'student-friendly' that I have come across. Not only does it provide precisely the sort of help in navigating an unfamiliar or new subject that students need, it also pays careful attention to preparing them for and supporting them through the 'student journey'. Criminology undergraduates will find it indispensable - and there is plenty here for more advanced students and scholars too. - Professor Fergus McNeill, University of Glasgow

This book is a must-have for every criminology student. Packed with interesting, up-to-date information, it introduces readers to different debates and perspectives. I can't wait until it's published. - Evelin Gaal, student, London Metropolitan University

An engaging, insightful and highly practical guide to studying criminology and criminal justice, carefully crafted by some of the leading educators in the field. Positioning the study of criminology as a pathway to becoming an effective, engaged and employable student makes this book stand out from the rest. A one stop shop for any first year undergraduate student of criminology and the related disciplines of sociology, social policy, and social work. - Professor Matthew Williams, Cardiff University

Additional Resources

Criminology is accompanied by extensive online resources, including additional chapters on the criminal justice systems in the UK's devolved jurisdictions, selected further readings and web links, over 100 multiple choice questions, advice on 'decoding' academic articles, and numerous time-saving resources for teaching staff.

Download the adoption case study (pdf) for Criminology

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