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Criminal Litigation 2019-2020

Fifteenth Edition

Martin Hannibal and Lisa Mountford

July 2019

ISBN: 9780198838548

664 pages

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The most practical companion for students and trainee solicitors examining the law in practice, using extensive case studies and online resources to provide expert guidance on conduct and procedure.



Criminal Litigation offers a comprehensive and practical guide to the subject. Using realistic case studies and online resources, students are encouraged to focus on putting their understanding into a practical context. Diagrams, self-test questions, and summaries of key points ensure the text is easy to use.

  • The detailed approach taken by the authors ensures that the student receives a thorough grounding in all aspects of criminal litigation and makes the book well suited to advanced criminal litigation courses
  • Innovative and realistic case studies supported by online video clips and documentation encourage students to focus on the practical application of the processes and procedures of criminal litigation. Case studies are conveniently featured at the end of relevant chapters, allowing lecturers flexibility in the extent to which they use the case studies with their students
  • Self-test questions and summaries at the end of each chapter allow students to easily highlight the key points covered and identify any areas where further work is required
  • Extensive online resources fully support all aspects of the course and offers freely accessible student resources including case study documentation, links to other useful websites, and additional chapters. Lecturer resources include video clips relating to the case studies included within the text and additional video footage showing procedure at the police station
  • Access to a digital version of this book comes with every purchase to enable a more flexible learning experience - 12 months' access to this title on Law Trove will be available from 15 July 2019. Access must be redeemed by 30 June 2020

About the Author(s)

Martin Hannibal, Barrister (non-practising), and Lisa Mountford, Solicitor and lecturer, Keele University

Martin Hannibal is a Barrister (currently non-practising). He has wide experience of teaching and examining criminal litigation and advanced criminal practice on undergraduate and professional programmes and on the LPC.

Lisa Mountford is a Solicitor with extensive experience as a senior lecturer teaching and examining on criminal law programmes and on LPC criminal litigation and evidence courses.

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to Criminal Litigation
    1: Introduction
    2: An introduction to the law of criminal evidence and advocacy
    2. Investigation and the Decision to Charge
    3: The powers to stop, search, and arrest
    4: Detention and interrogation
    5: The right to silence at the police station
    6: Challenging unlawfully and unfairly obtained evidence
    7: Obtaining identification evidence
    8: The decision to prosecute and the prosecution's duties of disclosure of evidence
    3. From Charge to Trial
    9: Funding of criminal defence services and first appearance process
    10: The law and practice relating to court bail
    11: Prosecuting an either-way offence
    12: Prosecuting summary offences
    13: Crown Court proceedings pre-trial
    14: Trial before the Crown Court
    4. Proving the Case - The Rules of Criminal Evidence
    15: The burden of proof
    16: Witness evidence
    17: Corroboration, the 'Turnbull guidelines' and opinion evidence
    18: Hearsay evidence
    19: Character evidence and the accused as a witness at trial
    20: Private privilege
    5. Post Conviction: Sentencing and Appeals
    21: Sentencing procedure and the general principles of sentencing
    22: Specific types of sentence and the plea in mitigation
    23: Specific types of sentence and the plea in mitigation
    6. Youth Justice
    24: Youth justice - introduction
    25: Prosecuting young offenders
    26: Sentencing young offenders
    Appendix 1
    Additional chapters (online only)

Additional Resources

Criminal Litigation is accompanied by a wide range of online resources, freely accessible to students. This includes:
- Case study documentation
- Web links
-Updates to cases and litigation
-Three additional chapters, covering 'Advising at the Police Station - Practical Steps'; 'White Collar Crime - Regulatory Offences'; and 'Sentencing in Road Traffic Cases'
-Answers to self-test question
-Video case studies
-Criminal Litigation Express Train timeline

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