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Corporate Social Responsibility

Fourth Edition

Michael Blowfield and Alan Murray

27 February 2019

ISBN: 9780198797753

432 pages

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Price: £52.99

The most trusted and applied textbook on corporate social responsibility; both critical in approach and contemporary in coverage.



The most trusted and applied textbook on corporate social responsibility; both critical in approach and contemporary in coverage.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the interaction between business and society reveals how CSR is defined, negotiated, and managed in the twenty-first century.
  • An objective, critical approach evaluates the theories and key drivers of CSR, as well as looking to the future for this ever-evolving subject.
  • Snapshot examples and case studies link the book's theory to contemporary, real-life business situations.
  • A range of discussion and case study questions promote reflection, debate, and critical thinking, challenging students to find ways for businesses to act in a truly responsible way.

New to this edition

  • Updated and extended coverage of climate change, globalization, the gig economy, and the digitalization of business ensure all the latest issues to affect CSR are explored through a critical lens.
  • New and updated Snapshots and Case Studies on organizations as varied as Uber, Danone, and Levi's, and contemporary issues spanning zero-hours contracts to women's empowerment, contextualise CSR in the world around us.
  • A new 'Journal Club' online resource with links to seminal and contemporary journal articles, accompanied by commentary and critical questions, builds on the book's wide-ranging coverage to tackle specific ideas in more depth and facilitate critical thinking and discussion.

About the Author(s)

Michael Blowfield, former Professor of Corporate Responsibility at Wolverhampton University; Senior Visiting Research Associate at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford; and Teaching Fellow at London Business School, and Alan Murray, Hoare Professor of Responsible Management at Winchester Business School; Visiting Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at Newcastle University Business School; and Visiting Professor at Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce de PAU (ESC PAU)

Table of Contents

    Part 1 The meaning and origins of corporate social responsibility
    1:Introducing corporate social responsibility
    2:The origins of corporate social responsibility
    3:Sustainable development
    4:Corporate social responsibility in developing economies
    5:Globalization and corporate social responsibility
    Part 2 Managing and implementing corporate social responsibility
    6:How corporate social responsibility is managed
    7:Corporate social responsibility and governance
    8:Corporate social responsibility reporting
    9:Stakeholder management and engagement
    10:Socially responsible investment
    11:Corporate social responsibility in smaller enterprises
    Part 3 Impact, critics, and future of corporate social responsibility
    12:The impact of corporate social responsibility
    13:Criticisms of corporate social responsibility
    14:The future of corporate social responsibility


"The best text around...a very good exploration of thinking, issues, and practice in CSR from a global perspective." - David Wornham, University of the West of England

"A thoughtful, well-written textbook on CSR that will be indispensable to all students in Business and Law." - Dr Nicholas Burton, Northumbria University Newcastle

"Excellent, very well written, comprehensive, authoritative, and very student friendly...it is the book I rely on the most." - Dr Ken Aduhene, Canterbury Christ Church University

Additional Resources

This book is supported by online resources .

For students:
Additional case study sources - useful links for where to source further case studies and examples.
Further reading - a comprehensive list of research to aid research.
Suggested films - a list of films that illustrate issues relevant to CSR managers.
Sources on regulations and governance - links to important legislation and guidelines affecting CSR
Web exercises - links to relevant websites direct you to valuable sources of information.
Journal club - links to seminal journal articles along with commentary on the paper, critical questions, and key points to consider.

For lecturers:
Figures and tables from the book - for use in lectures and seminars.